Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Well, I might have guessed!

Instead of Deutsches Kolleg having brought a lawsuit claiming libel,
I've now become the subject of a bizarre investigation. You may remember the
Übermensch Conspiracy. It is all a very mysterious business, but in accordance
(presumably) with protocol, investigators were polite but persistent. All three
of them. I also have reason to believe that my PC didn't crash, but was shot
down. Access to all my personal files is being denied. Microsoft wps docs have
been completely sealed. But, just for the record, I'm not under caution,
although- for reasons unelaborated - been advised to exercise discretion (?!).

Well, what I've disclosed may seem like indiscretion, but when so many
more compromising papers against Messrs Blair & Co have been published
without any animadversion, it would be very injudicious to lambast me with this.
Besides, my intention has never been to make an allegation, but to retail the
truth, and that is what I persist in doing. So far as I am concerned, I've acted
within the limits of a personal responsibility from which I do not intend to
deviate or extricate myself. While all eyes have been focused on Afghanistan and
the Taliban, the world may have been looking in the wrong direction. What this
also reveals, of course, is a new line of investigation - looking at a potential
cover up rather than a crime!

That apart, I am not about to jeopardize a great scoop by spilling it
on the Internet. My Deep Throat may well have been generalizing about a far more
diverse and complex issue than he himself ever guessed. For which reason I shall
not elaborate on his identity, though it can of course be easily supplied if
required. To be sure, he is not a British national. And I confess that to this
day I have come to no firm conclusion about how smart or dumb Max M. really was.
The Security Services may have their own views on that, but, in the absence of
direct evidence in the form of legal or forensic verification it would certainly
have been wiser for me no to have got involved at all...

What happens next is the subject of dispute and a continuing investigation, but,
frankly, what’s the point of suing someone whose only assets are a laptop and a



Dick Madeley said...

It feels like I should be afraid but I'm not totally sure why. Ever thought of getting into the thriller writing game, Selena?

Anonymous said...

Selena, just let it go. If they want you to delete that post, delete it. Really, you don't need the trouble and they can bring heavy trouble down on you. Don't try a butt-kicking competition with a hedgehog. i enjoy your blog and you've said nice & perceptive things about me, so let me say it's not worth the v real trouble you can bring down on yourself.

Anonymous said...

I bet those investigators were US military intelligence based at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire. Either that or Scotland Yard counter-terrorist command. That's Britain becoming a surveillance society. I'm not surprised. They have a tendency to listen in to calls. They also use complex software to check stuff for particular terms and phrases. Just hang in there, Selena. Good luck!

Bob said...

Thriller writing, now that sounds like a good idea. Having seen what you have written so far, there is no doubt that you can do it. And there's more money in it then philosophy or blogging!

Selena Dreamy said...

Easy for you to say, Bob, if ever I’ve felt like muggins, it’s now…

Percy said...

I believe the very same people have been secretly moderating my posts. Lets hope this one gets through or I I will have to revert to morse code.
Be careful Selena, I would hate to see you lose your G-string.

Bob said...

Well, muggins (I had to look that up in the dictionary) is a bit exaggerated. I for one found it a very interesting post. It made me look up and read a few things, to be able to make an argument. Allthough I do not agree with your conclusions, it shows a lot of insight into how things are going behind the screens. Exactly the insight that is needed for a good thriller-novel e.g.

I do read a lot, and you have a very recognizable own style, and I think with the right subject it is simply inevitable that you will strike a huge hit. Be flexible and stay with it! You owe it to your talent.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that it has come to this... I blame Damian Green, he should be arrested not you...

Selena Dreamy said...

Damien Green, MP for Ashford, Shadow minister for immigration….etc.

…fine, Mutley, but what about a fellow called Johannes Rau, who just happened to be the German head of state, reflecting publicly on the appalling suffering of his twelve million countrymen who were expelled from their homes in Poland and elsewhere in eastern Europe after the Second World War.

And that, I’ll have you know, was the Bundespräsident - not just the Shadow secretary!!

Self-righteous little shit! He claims the Allies were forcing a German exodus and then goes on to compare it with the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans in the 90s. Can you believe it? Trying to link the fate of the Vertriebenen with that of the Jews. So who the fuck started the war?

And I’m supposed to keep quite about all this? Do me a favour! If I had not come out, I would have allowed something much worse to happen.

And then get a load of this: The police are now expected to launch an investigation into whether anyone has committed perjury. Perjury?! The sheer nerve of it!


Selena Dreamy said...

You're right, Bob. If life were fair, I'd be the next Patricia Cornwell, instead I spent my whole life being a butterfly…

…and thank you for being so kind!

Selena Dreamy said...

Be careful Selena, I would hate to see you lose your G-string.

...and what’s my G-string ever done for you, Percy, except made you feel horny?!

Forget being kissed, I’m being fucked!


percy stilton said...

Dear Miss Dreamy,
My family, like so many others, have suffered unimaginable horrors by the bloody hands of right wing,nazi extremists,so I have every reason to understand your factual fears of the Untermenshen murderers.
Silence should never be the choice when telling the truth but sometimes it is the safest option, Selena.
F*ck the G-string...the white cotton nickers do it for me...
and who the f*ck was talking about a kiss?
Kiss & Hugs

strombombolino said...

Did you know, Selena, that Blogger may well have put in place a number of safety controls, including a facility to file reports on those acting suspiciously. They can be major-league motherfuckers, and your post has probably been caught in the net because of what both police and criminal psychologists may have agreed is a potentially subversive’s profile. On the other hand, of course, it is not at all hard to imagine you in the same subversive genre as that lady thriller Patricia Cornwell.

Whatever, girl, captivating stuff!

Percy said...

Selena, please accept these moving words to lift your spirit..

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality".
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Silence, in reality, is not golden.
Peace & Light