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ALLAHU AKBAR - or The Fall of Western Europe!

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             As the most murderous military infestation on earth begins to fail on the far side of the world, the great Islamic revolution is coming home to roost.More than a thousand jihadists will return to Europe, the British head of Europol declares,  while a similar proportion may already have arrived, leaving huge numbers unaccounted for. 
             The premonitions are well laid out here. Viewed from the East, Western countries appear ripe for a Jihad-style revolution. The former battlefields are far away, but there seems no reason to doubt that the jihadist is now firmly rooted in the grim suburbs of most Western cities.
More than 9,000 terrorist plots against
European countries have been revealed!
Home Office statistics show that 412 terrorism-related arrests were made during 2017 — an increase of 58 per cent on the 261 people detained the previous year. Processing a record 100,000 applications for asylum  last year alone, France claims a register of almost 20,000 individuals identified as dangerous extremists. Assuming these activists are “authentic,” that will be just the beginning. For what these figures also reveal, in the words of a Swedish police officer, is “a different criminality. It is not what we would call ordinary crime. This is a different animal.”Another way to look at this is to call it asymmetrical warfare. What they lack in firepower they make up for in numbers.  For whatever your view on the mass migration to Europe, the floodgates are still open. The constitution, meanwhile declares that a representative democracy may, by its own rules, also abolish itself. For the truth of the matter is, that the biggest danger to democracy comes from within democracy. In fact, if Hitler, Napoleon and Philipp II failed to bring Britain down, present projections assume that most European countries will eventually submit to an Islamic theocracy, rather than anything resembling British liberal democracy. The Office for National Statistics predicts about 30% of the vote will come from migration, buttressed by a higher birth rate among ethnic minorities. And according to this scenario the grand caliphate, or “Khilafah”, is  pre-ordained and inevitable, the ‘egalitarian caution’ a perfunctory piece of political grandstanding, and the military response redundant.
               And now imagine the following situation: 
            We are in the summer of 2033! Europe is the battleground upon which the will of the West is being tested,  a victim of liberal forces of which it has lost control. For of all the perils which accompany the fall of Western Europe, none is more terrifying than the democratic pluralism of universal suffrage. Indeed, it is a sign of the increasing irrelevance of the advanced liberal ideas so distinctive of Western civilization, that Islam has come to power not by the sword of Jihad, but by defeating all rivals in the democratic vote. No jihadist host overwhelmed one of the foremost mainstays of Western civilization. With her indigenous population in permanent decline, the European Union is wound up as meekly as any other insolvent enterprise. As Europe replaces its voting population over the next couple of decades with a predominantly Muslim and African electorate, you might spot an emerging trend. The Muslim population of Germany (which was 6% in 2016) could be anything up to 25% by 2050. The flaw lies with the process. You are going to be legally and leisurely screwed, in other words, without the drama of suicide bombs or the inconvenience of another roadblock. Jews and Christians will be subjected to both civil and legal forms of discrimination. The ancient legal code known as the dhimma is explicit in this respect. 
 Allahu Akbar! takes the place of ‘Liberté, Ēgalité,  Fraternité’ as a maxim for eradicating the legacy of Voltaire, Rousseau and the French Encyclopaedists. And whilst you and I are thoroughly appalled at this contravention of the Rights of Man as formulate by the inspired and revolutionary French, spare a thought for the insouciance of the English legal system under which - even today - some 500 British girls from various communities across England, are on average subjected to FGM every single month, to say nothing of some 80 Sharia Courts, or Muslim Arbitration Tribunals, which are permitted to make submissions to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on behalf of UK tax payers. Meaning that in this respect both “Britain and America are fully Islamic and the West is Koran-compliant.” 
            One cannot go too far with this kind of conjecture, moreover, because in a country with more than 3m Sunnis, Shi’ites and Ahmadis, Muslim immigration has an enormous latent power. After 17.4 million Britons voted their social and economic rage on Brexit, the cost-effective call for economic migrants from Islamic nations has trumped the United Kingdom's secessionist resolve. If the referendum result was above all a popular demand to restrict immigration, Brexit totally failed to address non-EU migration. Net migration from outside the EU has always exceeded that from within the EU. But what really cooked their goose was Theresa May’s  promise to “take back control” of Britain’s borders. As she turns her back on the Le Touquet agreement that had placed the
English border on French soil, I struggle to imagine how her Government’s pledge to restrict immigration can possibly be upheld. The ensuing foreign incursion is so complete, the demand for asylum so omnidirectional that the UK is left all but paralysed. White British children will be a minority in state schools in  England by 2037Under the Education Act 1996, Muslims have the right to educate their own children at home. Including unregulated classes in madrasahs, or tuition centres, linked to mosques. The termination of the state's monopoly on educational provision  also leads to the rapid expansion of Islamic schools and absolute freedom from official interference. Girls and boys will be segregated and Arabic lessons introduced. Alice in Wonderland is given a burqa in a proposed modern makeover of a string of classic children’s stories. Given the option of standing up to a constitutionally incompatible Islamic minority, or behind public opinion in the West, the BBC televises Friday prayers, Eid and children attending madrasahs for Koranic instruction. Christian prayer meetings will be outlawed under extremism rules, and the words 'Christ' or 'Jesus Christ' placed on a list of banned and abusive terms. Non-Muslim inmates in UK jails are forced to pay jizya, a “protection tax” sanctioned by the Koran.[1] The Muslim Council of Great Britain is using the courts to seek an injunction against the freedom of expression (which has no constitutional
protection, as it does in America) on behalf of ‘true believers’. The Anglican Archdiocese has been replaced by "Defenders of Faith" and the State Opening of Parliament, which takes place on 8 May 2033, receives the current Sovereign, King William V’s proposal to declare any kind of opposition to Sharia illegal. Westminster  issues a  direct challenge to the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales to back its plans for introducing a parallel legal system based on “Islamic votes for Islamic laws,” while
His Majesty’s Opposition, now under the leadership of Sadiq Khan, demands a parliamentary resolution pressing for the lion share of talent - without once mentioning the word “Muslim” - in a special deal on immigration. 
              In this scenario, #Sharia4Europe protest movements – led by groups such as the Islamic Forum of Europe – unite with the aim of forcing the Council of the European Union and remaining governments to resign, and thus complete the transformation of the now merely sham European Union into a federated Caliphate.

[3] Islamists in UK jails extort infidel tax from fellow prisoners. The Sunday Times 01.11.2015



Anonymous said...

No question about it, European countries have effectively disarmed themselves!

Justin M. said...

Undoubtedly, the face of Europe is changing as immigration fails integration, but fuels ethnic growth out of synch with the rest of the population. This is bound to come to a head, one way or another, and the democratic MACHTERGREIFUNG is just one option!