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          In another divine sign Facebook also succeeded in recruiting the Bishop of Rome - “Truly good, a gift from God,” according to Pope Francis - and it is thus no exaggeration to say that the Holy Father, trusting in divine deliverance, must, if a faithful fisher of men, gamble his soul on a purely human travesty:  that Facebook is to the common man, what benediction is to the Vatican. There is no  question now who controls the Faith. Hanging by the neck, every detail of your vulnerable, recumbent psyche  is revealed for the all-pervasive, incessant inspection. Submitted to the speculum, your guts spilling out, each part of your private life is subjected to the invasive, groping mind that squirms
inside you with intrusive tentacles sucking personal information directly out of the hidden arteries of your fibre-optic underbelly. Retaining every shred of intelligence, every photo uploaded and message posted (even those you have deleted), Facebook delves more deeply into your private parts than ever did the NSA, using techniques modelled on hunts for money launderers, child pornographers, groomers, stalkers, and - in the name of absolute, unconditional surrender – even offers to freeze female employees’ eggs. A chillingly futuristic gesture with its hints of  symbiotic bondage in which you become trapped in your own procreative designer bubble. Which leaves the matter of transmitting your mobile's signal strength to a data management system, tracking precisely where you are, who you talk to, deducing what time you go to sleep,  the hour you wake up, the type of news you read, so that you are, in effect, wearing an electronic tag recording every detail. More disturbingly, Facebook doesn't even ask its users what they want, it watches them. Based on your mobile browsing, it has the means to know exactly what you want before you even want it, or why.[1]
            “The Nazi government sought and attained ‘perfect transparency’ into their citizens’ lives. That’s exactly how they knew who was a Jew, where the Jewish families lived, how they could get them and under which number they put them in the gas chamber,” says Google nemesis Mathias Dőpfner[2], who wants the internet giant cut down to size. And even though that doesn’t stop Google keeping precise archival records, we do not know where that data will go or what it will be used for. To wit, Europe’s attitude towards the American tech industry has altered considerably, since the European Court of Justice trashed a transatlantic data pact that invited Google and other global monopolists to lodge personal info about European nationals with the US. Indeed, the journalist Matt Taibbi has already expressed himself on a similar point in his now famous description of  Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”
            From the frying pan into the fire!
            Front fanged and highly ravenous, Facebook is a textbook case, a perfect metaphor, linking the basic laws of biology to electronic data, or what could figuratively be described as a virus whose only objective it is to replicate, using human minds as its host. The ultimate freeloaders, viruses (much like social media memes) never trouble developing their own reproductive system, contriving instead to introduce their genetic content into that of other cells - including bacteria affecting the brain. Or as The Guardian ominously put it, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google sell but one thing: coded messages sent over the net. Simply put, algorithms designed to control you. So, be ever mindful that the Internet’s default utility is user generated content, that “if you are not paying for a service then you are the product.” The terms-and-conditions template for the use of this ‘product’ is just another way of disclaiming liability for selling you to advertisers. Make no mistake, Facebook’s business model is grounded on surveillance. As you make your choices the algorithm watches you, it observes but does not interfere, the effect magnified by robotics that learn from your behaviour - endosymbiosis being an integral part of that process. The idea that someone invisible is telling you what to think and do may seem preposterous, but far from it! From this point on, the invisible has entered into a visible kind of existence - or biochemical reaction in the brain - creating awareness and a sense of conscious compliance. So the submissive habit of conformity is being
acquired. Which is the habit of forming addictions and dependencies on whosoever is controlling you remotely. In the prophetic language of John 1:14, The word became flesh and dwelt among us
                The next stage of the con is crucial: individually tailored to each user, we are beholden to the binary code that directs us! Nor is daily attendance essential for cerebral mutations to take hold. But as your tolerance for ‘the drug’ increases and you start taking larger and larger doses, you develop dependency. Indeed, it is a biological fact that what is known as a bacteriophage will insinuate its DNA into a microorganism and then multiply until it takes over. For once transmitted to the network, this particular ‘virus’ will survive indefinitely, gradually killing its host. This process was explained, earlier this year,  in a paper submitted to the American journal Epidemiology, where researchers found not only mental and psychic exhaustion, but mounting levels of depression stemming from “engrams” planted in your “reactive” mind. It’s a classic case of infectious growth. A kind of  “superspreader”, in other words, as in Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 medical thriller, Contagion, that can spread between continents like a flu pandemic, polluting those whose
psychological immunity is already weakened, or who are under some measure of psychological stress. A form of ‘social contagion’, no less, well anticipated in The Host, a sci-fi drama in which a small group of humans try to avoid succumbing to alien power sites that take over a host’s personality.                               
       In fact, a virus can multiply only by invading a host cell and taking over its biochemical functions, which is why ‘data-mining’ is an altogether inadequate expression to describe the designs against an entire society. Exploiting what Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook, called a “vulnerability in human psychology,” all the signs indicate that  Facebook reshapes the brains of humans in much the same way, with billions of neurons culled and others building the new connections that turn individuals into subjects. But the sorry thing about all this is that you would never know it from the way brain cells can rewire and change patterns throughout your lifetime as a result of your experiences and how you accommodate them. So your memory affects the neurology of your brain and the neurology impairs  your judgment. Abandon the presumption of innocence for anyone
returning from Facebook. You may continue to function as an ordinary  human being, but nothing you can do or say will get it out of your system. It'll enter you one way or another. Either by invading certain cells in your immune system through those ubiquitous little “Like” buttons, or by directing  engrams to move to your brain where they are safe from antibodies and – while suggesting a cognitive ability to understand what benefits them -  even tell the critical faculties to shut down.
         Is there really more to say? Bacteriophages  may be  the “most prevalent biological” entities on the planet, but Google and Facebook, in one of the most contagious displays of neural collaboration, are spreading across the globe like an  invasive, parasitical infestation. Outpacing all of the prevailing legal precedent on cloning technologies, what we are now seeing in Europe, the United States and clearly also in the rest of the world,  is the slow, continuous evolution of random point mutations in the genetic code that may epigenetically alter the human genome, as well as the nature of human perception.

[1] “Don’t worry about whether or not someone has your date of birth, worry about whether someone is watching you while you’re asleep.” Carl Leeming, convicted internet hacker.
[2] Axel Springer CEO, and Europe’s biggest newspaper publisher by circulation


George Robinson said...

Dazed by Facebook, fracked by Google and footballers joining golf clubs - and who I am I to gainsay a New World Order !?

Holly A. said...

Facebook is nothing more than a massive exercise in narcissism - All my friends swear by it and I can see why: the b****** have colonised our subconscious!