Friday, 13 February 2009


So, Geert Wilders, elected representative of the Dutch Parliament, was sent
packing yesterday, after trying to enter Britain for a screening of his
controversial Film Fitna in the House of Lords. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary
refused leave of entry in deference, presumably, to the mores of 7th century

It is hard to separate wishes from conclusions, but, on the evidence
available, Mr Wilders has good reasons to believe that peaceful intent is not on
the jihadic agenda. His film Fitna deals in facts: The stock images are the
stuff of nightmares. Globally, religious violence takes place on a scale not
dreamt of even by the author of the Koran. The war in Afghanistan, like that in
Iraq, has become a magnet for Islamists determined to fight the infidel. This on
top of a powerful denunciation of the western social order and the declared
conviction that Islam must rule the world. It is as if Saddam had never left.
Which, apparently, is why they're already auditioning for what being an Islamic
paradise means, and they're doing it with a raucous, excited abandon that is a
pleasure to behold. The result? Political oppression, thousands killed - and
collective suicide rage. The civilian toll is the highest anywhere since Rwanda
or the second world war...

This is seriously explosive stuff.

Britain's policy of trying to use repressive diplomacy to curb the
right to free speech at home has been in stark contrast to an idiotic, downhill
war that is still being waged abroad. To say nothing of the bellicose rhetoric
coming from the Muslim community clamouring to introduce sharia law into
England's green and pleasant land. Behold! The brave new world of the sanitized
truth is at hand - is the government considering plans to deny that 9/11 ever
took place?

That sounds like an absurdity, but yesterday, on Newsnight, an
apoplectic Keith Vaz, MP and head of the influential Home Affairs Select
Committee, provided a taste of things to come. He hadn't seen the film, but he
was aware of Wilders' reputation, and that was enough to call his credibility
into question. In other words, if you wanted freedom of speech, you'd have to go
to abroad. To respond, smile with as much patience as you can muster. Now
western civilisation can safely be condemned to burn in hell for a cartoon
poking fun at Islam. Remember how the Western media stooped to kiss the mullahs'
ass? With Britain leading this legendary feat of self-abasement!

Being irreverent can sometimes be de rigueur in the West, but in Muslim
communities it is still beyond the pale. And even though the highly
controversial Dutch MP's documentary could not be further from the grotesque
antics of Michael Moore - to introduce a counterpoint - the sad fact of the
matter is, that a performance of Geert Wilders' film could quite possibly have
turned into a riot, a pitched battle, or even a national disaster.

Yes, I always anticipated appeasement. But I also think I have a right
to feel at home, and I do not.

Islam is the very antithesis of an open, pluralistic, inquisitive,
modern, hospitable society. Nor, in considering the relation of one culture to
another, can one avoid value judgments, relative though they are. Standards are
formed in comparison, and if sometimes we speak of one culture assimilating the
values of another, strictly speaking this should mean that new ethical values
and associations are able to emerge. That, it seems to me, is the sum and
substance of cultural integration. Yet, no sooner is this said than elements of
what seems to be, and often is, an outright refusal to take the final step in
the process of social amalgamation, are being alienated into the objects of a
fundamentalist doctrine which instead professes isolationism and a total
rejection of Western indigenous values.

The first fruit of this has been a story of alienation of identities.
The rise, particularly in countries like England and France, of the most
intransigent of ethnic minorities as organized centres of disaffection; as the
most assertive of political pressure-groups, extraordinarily overwrought and
constantly at odds with Western European cultural, constitutional and
educational practices, necessarily vitiating much of its oldness and
conventionalism and constituting a threat not only to its traditions, customs
and manners, but, paradoxically, to its very spirit of freedom and toleration
and, hence, to the essential Englishness of the British Nation herself.



All Shook Up said...

You're right, of course, but you're pissing in the wind. Not one legitimate mainstream Party in Britain has the guts to take the militants on. We don't have an opposition and, anyway, why should they bother? Nobody is prepared to stand up to represent decent values anymore if it clashes with something good on the telly.

percy stilton said...

Sweet Selena, you inspire & excite the poet in me and for that you will always be truly Dreamy.
Have a lovely weekend.
I will meet you on The Heath .
Peace & Light
sir percy of parliament hill

Xiwel said...

Sorry, but I removed your link. It wasn't ontopic and that discussion is very old in the Netherlands.

Geert wants to throw out all foreigners form the Netherlands. Now he has been thrown out in heaThrow. It's a pitty that he was allowed in in the Netherlands.

Note that what he says has nothing to do with the Islam. He's just a populist eager for attention. The Britisch who denied him access do exactly what he wants.

elberry said...

amusing and relevant

sir percy said...

Have no fear Sweet Selena Dreamy & your gifted guest &friend,Elderberry...for Organic Evolution did not begin with Darwen,,, nor will it ever end. It is natures now and forever more.
sir percy of the parks

Selena Dreamy said...

I'm obliged to you for that, my dear Sir - for even though you’re as lascivious as a sack full of tom-cats, you're pearls of wisdom will always be a special treat to me...

....and thanks for the link, Elberry. More appropriate, perhaps, to my previous post.

Selena Dreamy said...

Thank you, Xiwel, for your views on Mr Wilders.

I have no opinion, one way or another, on the man, nor on his policies. My concerns are for a humane and equitable freedom. And that includes freedom of speech...

Selena Dreamy said...

..."if it clashes with something good on the telly."

When it comes to complacency, you can't beat the Brits! Makes you wonder how this race of phlegmatics who populate these isles have managed to survive thus far...

Bob said...

Due to this incident Mr. Wilders' party has risen another 2 percent in the polls, and his party would be the second biggest if elections were to be held in the Netherlands today.

The subject of Islamic integration in western culture is quite heavily discussed in the Netherlands since the murder of Mr Wilders precursor, Pim Fortuyn, and shortly therafter the murder of Theo van Gogh, a controversial author/ film maker/ tv-presenter by islamic fundamentalists. I would say that the consensus is that the majority of muslims in the Netherlands are moderate and do not wish to impose their religious and cultural views on other people.

Like the tabloid press, populist politicians like Mr Wilders raise the attention of the public to the most noticeable events, to the exceptions, the extremists and they use the fear of the population to their advantage.

I don't think it is democratic to allow for non-democratic parties, and I think freedom of speech should not be granted to people who themselves do not grant others this right.

Selena Dreamy said...

Of course, Bob, the legitimacy of fighting "extremism" is something that almost everyone can sign up to. The difficulty is on agreeing when the exceptions become the rule...

Jonathan said...

What I find most interesting and peculiar about Islam is that it can't stand to be insulted. And what that may mean.

Surely if one is confident in ones faith and aware of its bounteous richnesses as a source of illumination for all, you would be moved to mournful and compassionate pity, not rage, if it is insulted by the ignorant.

I'm not entirely sure what even a moderate Muslim would say in response to that, but would like to know.

Of course we too used to get upset about blasphemy. But I for one am reassured in my heart about the sublime nobility of our ancestral faith's founder; who, when receiving the ultimate insult of murder (and for doing such things like healing the sick too!) declared: "Forgive them father, they know not what they do"

So can't we shift the goalposts, and no longer ask: is this or that infidel insulting Islam, and instead perhaps ask: even if they are, so what exactly? Ok, such insults can be reproved for being rude, but so can belching. Are we going to kill each other for that as well?

MichaelB said...

Odd really, appeasement at home coupled with unfocused aggression abroad, when it out to be the other way round. Good post anyway.