Friday, 20 January 2017

INAUGURATION DAY - Beware the Ides of March

The following is the unedited version of an exposé currently featured in the 18th revised edition of The Moonshine Memorandum (see below): If you wish to report intrusiveness, racism, sexism or inaccuracies, please email . To make a formal complaint under IPSO rules please contact IPSO directly at .
            “Americans!” he said, with what appeared to me an overwhelming contempt. They were  born with the American dream and ended up with a Zimmer-frame. Having attained all but the highest level of humanitarian ethics, he said, the West now partook of  the highest form that can possibly be conceived of human tragedy – decline and death. Its traditional  grip on power was under threat. The Caucasian Millennium was all but over - and the planets were still off limits. Caucasians were on the verge of becoming a minority among the Philistines. They had no dreams left to dream. A fading Promethean race, taking leave from those mighty Faustian premonitions of a purpose greater than themselves. And that fact was  proof of their tragic truth.
           He leaned towards me: What cultural preliminaries, if any, preceded this decline, could not so easily be determined, but the task of recording the gradual fading-out - in accordance with its own inverse progression - of the Caucasian type, would fall to future anthropologists. O’Brien was grave and self-possessed. If a consistent theme sustaining the bedrock of American nationhood was its Caucasian heritage, he said, and I knew he was speaking with the past-tense of hindsight, America’s identity as a Western nation had effectively ceased to exist.
And there is, if history is our guide,  no arguing with that!
Amorphous and dispirited masses of men, scrap-material from a prodigious history, the traditional American virtues and aspirations to moral greatness no longer inspire the large majority of those whose constant preoccupation it is to be  released from any need to carve out their own destiny. From the most rabid media outlets, to Mexicans, Muslims and mixed bands of ethnic Lives that Matter, along with a legion of self-appointed suffragettes, they all have as their target the man who has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Ecce homo!  For now I’m going to say something definitive: Beware of the teachers of the
law. However corrupt you think this industry is, it's worse. In this media manufactured climate, vengeance, not good will, is the cause. Luke spoke for many: “They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers”(20:47). But who will guard The Guardians themselves? The shrieking, contorted accusers! Trust me, we are in Salem. I don’t know the date, but I believe that I know the reason why they would have Donald Trump assassinated - impeachment not being an option. For whatever your own reservations, the international media whore is busy mesmerizing its devotees with the notion of killing off what is, in truth,  a formidable challenge by the geopolitical neophyte who finally dares confront the truth of the 'Emperor's new clothes' after eight years  of futile, soaring rhetoric. Trump is the infant Emperor, the renascent Caligula, Little Boots - or Little Hands, I should say, who marched dwarfs against women and cripples. And Niall Ferguson nailed the absurdity: “Here’s a true Trump nightmare for the Liberals: that his policies work." 

Much would depend, of course, on the nature of his excellence. Dumbed down into a service culture with no real sense of its own purpose, the emancipated West has never recovered from the scourge of political correctness which taught its youth to be ashamed of their history.  We are conditioned by a system of humanitarian ethics that rewards everything base and feeble in man. In fact, we are probably engaged in the most radical overhaul ever to alter any retrospective reading of the past, preoccupied as we are with the very rejection of the values upon which it was based. And if you do not feel the need within you for social conventions that promote the right to degeneracy as a matter of civil liberty, I still think that, subconsciously, all modern social philosophies aim at finding a way for society to 
come to terms with a freedom that has haunted us ever since. We are doubting its motives and, indeed, sanity. For what the individual may think or feel about the thoroughly troubled spirit of an age whose social idealism is progressive in one situation but retrogressive in quite another, does not matter in the least. He does not, on that account, transcend it. Quite the reverse, for in the end he’ll be left with ...nothing. No pride, no taboos, no limits, no beliefs, no values, no sense of profundity, let alone continuity with the past or purpose for the future. For ultimately, there’s The System itself. In trying to force men to conform to its mediocrity, it imposes the needs of a social philosophy which gives the greatest advantage to those who have the least aspiration, whose attitude to individual excellence is one of supreme indifference, and who create idols in the image of public spending but have neither visions nor dreams to add.

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