Tuesday, 24 May 2016

When they come in their jackboots and kick in your minds...

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             “You are  all under their spell,” O’Brien said flatly – and those words would come back to haunt me - “blindly obedient, and with no will of your own. When they come in their jackboots and kick in your minds, that grey matter of your freedom will be no more. The gate to your hell bangs open before you know it. You’ll feel alone, isolated and in despair. But you will submit to obedience. You’ll detest it, hate it, loathe it, curse it…but submit to it. You will submit to the domination of ideology over reason. You will succumb to censorship, to the suppression of free speech and the absolute denial of  self-expression. You will be unthreatening and utterly without attitude or outlook. You will be the Silent Majority. As  insipid as a creature can be while still having a will – too daunted to contend the polarity of the sexes, or that LGBT-sponsored unipolar righteousness plays second fiddle to their demons. For fear and loathing aside, what the LGBT lobby fail to appreciate is the sheer extent to which the Western mind, which is so open to its sense of fairness and equality, is so closed to the idea of its own epigenetic decline. And that is the real tragedy of the sexual transmutation. 
             Nor is this a moral issue. The same attempt at self-delusion that made men marry men, will also lead to a spiral of social and moral dysfunction. To a double downward helix which reflects the basic truth that gay matrimony is the symptom of a wider sickness in Western civilization, and that a society based on lies sustained so shrilly and so unconvincingly must
inevitably break under the stress of its own exigencies. This is humanist enlightenment taken to the brink of absurdity. What is depressing about it is that the harder they try, the shriller the hyperbole, with its arrogant assumption that their status as a 'discriminated minority' somehow places them on the moral high ground. Men with no direction or ideals will  rampage through your mind, claiming the right to a freedom of which they are no longer worthy. You will wake up to a brave new world of civil degeneracy and sanctified promiscuity, no less than to the intellectual deflation of the conjugal life down to the level of  the homosexual’s  vile interpretation of marriage. To the dying spasms of the Caucasian Enlightenment - some catastrophic endgame, indeed, because the culture of this age can never be assimilated into anything else. And not because the age has acquired greater freedom, but because it has lost its innocence. Because – let’s be absolutely clear about this - decline, both culturally and by extension philosophically, is the only progression within the scope of the Western mind in its metaphysically exhausted condition.”

            Call it hubris or unconscious egotism, but there was in his person and his defiance a peculiar harmony of reason and rebelliousness.  I could not help being enthralled by this burst of apocalyptic prediction. The more so, because it might as well be described as another version of the theory of the ‘Decline of the West’ – a subsidiary part of which was homosexuality as emblem and manifestation of our time and hence inwardly possible and conceivable only for contemporary Western man, and what he, late Western man, “ has already revealed about the fragility of our way of life and the threat [it]is beginning to pose to itself.[1] Indeed, I knew well enough that, by the same token, we could not survive the predicament of an existential fatigue and of a foreboding, perhaps, that for the cosmopolitan West history had run its course and that a new chapter was about to commence. With overcrowding, grim living and the proliferation of new and extreme ways in which to kill human beings, there was no such thing as an eventide of eternal peace. Whether you liked it or not one had to be uncompromising. Evolution was not a social welfare concern. It was the categorical imperative. 

[1] Andrew Sullivan, A Tyrant in the Making. The Sunday Times 08.05.16


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