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On the Nature & Essence of a Ufo's 'Quantum State'

The following is part of an exclusive featuring  the Powys abduction phenomenon that first came to public attention with The EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting, in Nantes, France. A detailed study of the event can be found in Chapter 12 (Total Recall) of Malleus Maleficus'  [Title withheld ].

    The EPSC-DPS JointMeeting from the 2nd to  7th  October 2011 in  Nantes, France was the result
of living and functioning in a world of scientific apprehension and uncertainty. Confusion and conflict filled the air. Which certainly explains why I met so many screwballs in the course of a normal day. But if organised, methodical chaos began at 8.45 am each working day,  over time you learn their preconceptions and idiosyncrasies. Technically, anyone high on ‘science’ is not really what you and I would call normal. Their  whole energy, it seems to me, is bend to effect the alienation of the
common senses as represented by the public at large. For the joint Division for Planetary Science meeting also brought to light the intriguing scientific claim that the Ufo itself is in an essentially indeterminate ‘state or condition’, until the measurement of its ‘triangulation’ is actually made. Which would certainly suggest that a Ufo’s‘quantum state’ (the state of a system between measurements) may have no actual physical reality -  almost as if it could dispense with form or substance  and exist on a plane of pure perception.
             I followed the proceedings for what must have been a daily fourteen hours until the sheer complexity of the thing made me doubt my own existence. The problem, it seemed to me, was not whether Ufos were viable, but whether the trajectories of Ufos through space-time could be traced to a source that had its origin in  the technological and scientific structure of the 25th  century. Which should come as no surprise. Because the four-dimensional-continuum was not designed with such a purpose in mind, anything entering or escaping from it has to exceed the speed of light - and, as we know, faster-than-light travel can mean backwards-in-time travel. At which point it becomes very difficult to suggest any hypothesis without introducing a principle that appears to more back-from-the-future than alien or extraterrestrial science. And it is no explanation to say that the clues are all around us, if only we had the eyes to see and the sense to understand their significance. But then again, some findings clearly  propose that Ufos may have a number of inherent conceptual metamorphoses that one can trace back to one Theodor Kaluza who, in 1919, established that it might be possible to amplify the four-dimensional framework of space-time to incorporate an added fifth dimension. It is very difficult to imagine a cosmological scenario where this is the case, but the theory also anticipated the existence of tachyons, hypothetical particles that possess imaginary mass and travel at velocities exceeding that of light. 
And thus defined, the phenomenon we are investigating is obviously virtual. Our objective, therefore, is no longer to claim or disclaim but to evaluate without refusing to consider whether the Ufo phenomenon is an attempt at contact with human civilization by non-human forms of intelligence and for no anthropologically definable purpose. Though questions of psychology will clearly have their part to play when it comes to evaluating the nature and principles of human understanding. Ufos are conventionally associated with energy and momentum, and these variables are inevitably necessary for empirical descriptions. ‘Portals’, on the other hand, are usually associated with space-time descriptions, and the more precisely  one can determine the energy-momentum  variables, the more indeterminate will be the space-time variables and vice versa. Like it or not, the demise of the four-dimensional continuum in favour of gravitational or relativistic wormholes, is etched in mathematics.  It was perfectly obvious, some said,  that  Ufos could not possibly have come from outer space, they had to be introduced through time-warps, and those could not possibly be encompassed with the conceptual resources of continuum physics alone.  
            Curious and absorbing, too, is the question of how  ‘egocentric’ co-ordinates  are used. Some scientists have started to explore how such co-ordinates are affecting the way we determine and remember events. A  report published in the journal Psychological Science and compiled by a team at the Universitė Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, argued that we perceive an object by ‘synchronizing’ with it, and that in any given concept certain synchronizations are literally unthinkable, because the primary reality is the four-dimensional knowledge itself. Just as the location of an event is uniquely defined by its longitude, latitude and altitude,  our view of the universe is wholly determined by the observer’s position (left-right,  up-down), as well as by the way we commute 'extension' in the four-dimensional continuum into concepts, respectively,  of geometry and chronology. For I ought to mention at this point, that what appears as a straight line in our conven
tional Euclidean geometry of left-right, up-down, becomes a circle in Kaluza's added dimension.
            In the meantime, the Kaluza-Klein theory has had supporters and detractors. but to specify the location in space-time of an Ufo, other figures need to be added. Unfortunately, we have neither the language nor the faculties for a description of knowledge that does not relativize the observer. The real difficulty is, of course, that different kinds of space-time have different kinds of gravity, comprising different geometries. Nor is the  mass of an Ufo  a fixed quantity,  but dependent, my sources tell me,  entirely on the Ufo’s velocity.  So, to know the world ‘objectively’ is literally to be ‘out of synch’ with the four-dimensional 'relativization' of it. Ufos wreak havoc on the four-dimensional principles of cause and effect and are anathema to any theoretical structure with pretensions to describe the four-dimensional continuum. But I have gone into such detail for the more important reason that if Kaluza's fifth dimension were to be measurable only on sub-nuclear scales, then that perhaps would account for the simple fact that we don't perceive Ufos directly. 
I'm sure that's totally insane, but it is interesting that the research team built its experiments on effects which suggests that  the brain finds it more difficult to recognize an Ufo than an otherwise identified object, precisely because recognising an object  depends on the relationship between the a priori and a posteriori knowledge that specifies the conditions to which phenomena must conform if they are to be perceived. 
              The upshot of all this, at any rate, was that there is no official record of what occurred at this convention. The AAS's minutes of these highly specialised meetings were not published, and their true objective never acknowledged. Whether this was dictated by the Association's fear that such data could be too volatile for public consumption, or by mere concern for the reputation of science, is hard to say.   I am, I admit, in no position to tell you whether theories of this type have any validity. All I know is that the key sticking point is still the fabled factor V(-1), with its alleged property of converting time into space. Nor was the EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting at Nantes the first opportunity for the French government to issue directives concerning UFOs. In 1999, the Institute of Higher Studies for National Defence released a 90-page report entitled UFOs and Defence: What Must We Be Prepared For? And the European Planetary Science Congress - with the same Continental efficiency –  accommodated presentations by over sixty participants, But then, again, I have no idea what kind of trials are actually conducted  at CERN, if any, to warrant James Gillies’ AP disclosure, that much of it is considered important security information and thereby classified. In his own, variously reported, words: “We incline to the more rational view of denying the existence of Ufos until we are compelled to acknowledge them.”


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