Sunday, 28 May 2017


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“To redeem the past and to transform every 'it was' into an 'I wanted it thus!' - that alone I call redemption!"    Nietzsche, Zarathustra

      That a Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, was to be re-created by all regional governments, all accusing each other of being the sons of pig-faced whores (I was listening to the original in my ear-piece), was hence a matter of some merit: “Our goal in the social transformation plan devised by the government is institutionalising chastity and hijab as a natural [demand] in society.” And no objection seems to have been registered, as far as I could gather, that women should be publicly flogged for wearing white shoes,  heels that clicked, or using lipstick, while the parallel punishment for affluent males arrested in a “corruption purge” was confinement to the luxury five star Ritz-Carlton. Call it a clash of cultures, but my concentration was waning. The Saudi Ambassador’s speech  ran to some sixty minutes  and, as far as females were concerned, outlawed everything but breeding. He was the representative determined to make the most of chairing one of the central committees of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) -  if only to show that its key charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is also the most prostituted piece of legislation in constitutional  history.

     If King Salman, the reigning royal and Mohammad bin Salman his son, have won notable acclaim for tackling the Kingdom’s  entrenched gender inequality — lifting the de facto ban on women driving  - it is worth noting that the Turkish envoys thought these arrangements
altogether superfluous. The cultural decline in their view occurred when Ataturk brought in the Latin alphabet and the Swiss civil code. Having manipulated his way into chairing the 120-country Non-Aligned Movement,  the Iranian deputy was in favour of  flogging all detainees as a normal preliminary to judicial examination, adding thoughtfully that the imposition of sanctions was a violation of human rights. Well, as the Devil said, the reform of Islam is a contradiction of terms. And if you are troubled by the fact that the West has frequently allied itself with  potentates carrying out the most genocidal policies, the reason is quite simple: fear of causing offence. Let’s face it, when Mugabe was knighted in 1994, it was well known that he had massacred some 20,000 people in Matabeleland. He started as he meant to go on. And  accordingly, open Western societies have little by little surrendered their freedoms to tolerate the revitalisation of a tribal fundamentalism, or appease the religious sensitivities of third-world fanatics - and all in deference to  precisely those atavistic instincts whose reduction and restraint has been the work of  two thousand years of Western civilization.



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