Monday, 7 April 2008


# 1 In Britain, one in five children - 2.2m - now live in households entirely dependent on state benefits
# 2 About one in eight children in Britain are growing up in homes with parents who are alcohol abusers or habitual drug users.
# 3 More than 20 children and teenagers are being treated in hospital every day for alcohol-related, and/or mental disorders
# 4 600 children under the age of 10 have been charged with serious offences in 2006.
# 5 The number of those under 18 found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon rose by 82%, from 648 in 1997 to 1,181 in 2004.
# 6 The number of prescriptions for anti-depressants hit a record high of more than 31 million in England in 2006
# 7 Britons drink 11 litres of pure alcohol a head each year, the equivalent of 28 bottles of vodka
# 8 One in five adults in Britain is "functionally illiterate",
# 9 Four out of ten Britons suffer from some sort of personality disorder.
# 10 There are 1.55 million untaxed vehicles in Britain.
# 11 Three out of four untaxed vehicles are used by people involved in some other criminal activity
# 12 In the 12 months to March 2007 police recorded 89,200 robberies,
#13 Britain has the highest prison population in Europe
# 14 Britain also has 4.2m public CCTV cameras, or one for every 14 people, and 8,000 automatic number-plate recognition devices
# 15 In 2004 more than 150,000 cases of harassment were reported to the police nationwide. (A 26% increase on the previous year).
# 16 One in four nurses has been attacked at work.
# 17 The number of patients in British hospitals dying from superbug infections has reached more than 10,000 per annum.
# 18 England is about to be the most overcrowded European nation. Ready to overtake Holland, leaving only the tiny island of Malta with a higher population density

No sentiment is more firmly rooted in the English national character than a distrust of foreigners. And for decades, at every socio-economic level, whites have fled their incoming non-white neighbours. People who lack a sense of community put up fences thinking they are living in safety, when actually they are living in a prison of fear, having succeeded merely in swapping one form of captivity for another. For while the indigenous birth-rate continues to fall, ethnic figures steadily increase, making them an integral and irreversible part of Britain’s racial structure. The result has been communities segregated by race, religion and culture. And here perhaps lies the real danger to the liberties of England: an increasingly divisive population among whom animosity to Albion is a sacred creed.

Once having been the arbiters of nations, grounded in a profound sense of what it meant to be homo britannicus, now but an appendage of a centralising European super-state, Britain has met the full force of an inherent schizophrenia in her domestic culture. And the statistics you’ve seen above are nothing, if not reflective of the dejected spirit of a people once infected with ideas of conquest and exploration, now marked out for the moment of their final humiliation.

Not unlike the Viking conquests, this moment will remain sculpted in the history of the moral, political and social regeneration of perfidious Albion. This migration will bury the old England, together with its civilization as it existed to date, and England will never be England again, or I am much mistaken.


Immigration - The Inconvenient Truth. Tonight on Channel 4, at 8 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Nothing's forgotten, Selena; nothing's ever forgotten.

but i fear me you have it right, and just as the pre-1066 civilisation is at most a literary & archeological fact, so the virtues that made England Albion will be no more found in these Isles - or if so, only in isolated individuals.

Anonymous said...

Albion and his seed never quite learned to play well with others preferring instead to take their ball and go home when things didn't go their way. Both will have to learn to play well through bloodshed, I fear.

malty said...

That's some sooth you have said Selina, perchance you are right, at least the Romans left us with enough walls to build roads with, the Normans left us with some decent churches.
There can be little doubt that GB Inc is facing its sternest test since the German hordes camped at Dover.
Will we emerge on the other side as a wiser, healthier nation I wonder. Or a bastard collection of mutants. For sure there is the strong possibility that we will become Europes first third world state.
PS you forgot.....
# 19 one of my dogs is constipated

Semaj Mahgih said...

You are not much mistaken.

Selena Dreamy said...
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