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             Then, last summer, came the bombshell!
             Here we were pretending to be impossibly baffled and stupid, while behind
the charade everybody knew that the Ganzfeld Experiment  had first been launched on 4 February 2004, when the planet Earth fell to the Nerds, the Morlocks and the Mutants. In fact, when Francis Fukuyama told us that history ended in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and that “what we may be witnessing is not just the end of the cold war, but the end of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of western liberal democracy as the final form of human government”,[1] he  was just tilting at windmills. For  I can tell you this: what you may be witnessing is not just the end of Caucasian history,  but the end of mankind’s historical evolution and its vast virtual mechanization by the great robotic online corporations as the final form of human enlightenment.
             Tribes gave way to cities, which were supplanted by nations, which have now been eclipsed by the apex of human organisation: Facebook.”  Danny Fortson nailed the preposterous thus: “Don’t laugh! This was the backdrop that Mark Zuckerberg painted last week for a sprawling, 5,700-word ‘letter’ to his social network’s ‘community’ of 1.9bn people. ‘History has many moments like today,’ Zuckerberg wrote. ‘As we’ve made our great leaps from tribes to cities to nations, we have always had to build social infrastructure like communities, media and governments for us to thrive and reach the next level. I hope we have the focus to take the long view and build the new social infrastructure to create the world we want for generations to come.’”
"Finish me, finish me, finish me, you murdering bastards...!"
       Don’t get me wrong. There has been nothing physical or forceful.  But in place of the chronological sequence of concrete events – the specific character of the historical feeling of direction – there arose the abstract, unhistorical  nature of the perpetual which,  from then on, has to be regarded as a replication of  purely mechanical processes, i.e., algorithmic structures that increasingly override natural anthropomorphic functions. Nor am I belittling or condoning the tremendous levels of violence perpetrated against the human mind. But clearly, it has been a catastrophic event during which the Illuminati - Facebook's mysterious "Building 8" Division - effected the appropriation of more than souls - men, women and children - from the beginning of the hostilities in February 2004 to May 19,2012, after one of the biggest US stock market flotations, when Facebook’s Bodysnatchers declared the Planet “pacified” and the “f”-word became their attribute, their trademark and their battle standard.

[1] The Origins of Political Order. Profile Books, 2011

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