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"The present and the bygone upon earth - ah, my friends, that is my most intolerable burden; and I should not know how to live, if I were not a seer of that which must come."

         But again, O’Brien set the tone. His composed and tranquil prose matched an abiding expression of serenity. If Americans lived in a world of sin and salvation, Europe, above all, he said, was a measure of abasement. And if we did  not feel the need within us for social conventions that promoted the right to degeneracy as a matter of civil liberty, he still thought that, subconsciously, all modern social philosophies aimed at finding a way for society to come to terms with a freedom that has haunted them ever since. An ache intensified by historical guilt.
          He looked at me for a moment without saying anything, then released a perceptible sigh: “Corrupted by your own freedom from accountability, you  have reached the limit of an era,  the exhausted end of social evolution. The nuclear family is in a mode of rapid decomposition. The moral taboo known to you only in a state of total paralysis. This paralysis in which one recognizes the final symptoms of a spent generation, because the rules that sustain taboos sustain nature. But also, and this may come as a surprise to you,  a generation which brought about the greatest change of values - from the rational to the irrational, from the prosaism of causality to the mystery of chance and probability. Lacking any moral logic of its own, it prefers man-made enlightenment, at any price, to natural ethics. Which is what makes it free, independent - and hazardous. For in the end you'll be left with ...nothing. No pride, no taboos, no beliefs, no limits, no values, no sense of profundity, let alone continuity with the past or purpose for the future.
             He did not look up when he said, "Good and evil will be obsolete concepts, sex no longer related to anything recognizably human or natural for creatures who can climax only when being sodomized. Full, ripe, perfumed, perverted – this grisly mix of degeneracy and civil liberty is symptomatic of man's alienation from his own humanity, and a sordid conclusion to the most beautiful endowment ever created. Welcome to the planet Sodom.”
           “This is what thrills us in the last days,” I said. “The ultimate facts of existence!”
          He stared at me  bleakly. “What you or I  may think or do about the thoroughly troubled spirit of an age whose social idealism is progressive in one situation but retrogressive in quite another, does not matter in the least. Quite the reverse, in trying to force men to conform to its mediocrity, the system imposes the needs of a social philosophy which gives the greatest advantage to those who have the least aspiration, whose attitude to individual excellence is in fact one of supreme indifference, and who create idols in the image of public spending but have neither visions nor dreams to add.” 
          “It’s their last hope,” I said, “and it dies hard!”

This then is Man's apotheosis. Humankind disappearing up its own arse – the place where all our noblest dreams come to die!

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