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Jon Snow, Kim Philby & #Channel4News

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 It has been said that the difference between a writer and a journalist is that journalists don’t get writer’s block. Which may also explain why the journalist’s mandate does not, as a rule, involve plagiarisms or doctored facts. It does, on the other hand, have the potential to distort the true scale of events.  Indeed, it can be convincingly argued that for sheer clout, the press is up there with potentates and demagogues - incendiary in a crisis and absent when confronted with responsibilities. The two Gulf wars, after all, were the bastard offspring of multinational media manipulation. And please don’t tell me, that the succession of incidents beginning with, say, the Fort Hood US Army base in Killeen, Texas 2009,  Fusilier Lee Rigby, Charlie Hebdo, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Munich, Normandy, Jan. 6th 2017 at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida, or on March 22nd, Westminster, Houses of Parliament, and again Manchester Arena, would equally have taken place without the media and its gagging reproductive newsreel cycle.
Examples could go on, but the point is plain enough. The competitive grooming of teeming gluttonous masses is always odious; combined with raising the likelihood of forthcoming terrorist plots, it is nauseating. Indeed, it would be hard to frame a pretext better calculated to inflame the copy-cat -  while not giving a rat’s ass, in a poignant phrase, that they have turned public bereavement  into communal masturbation.
      Balance remains an intractable problem. Though the international media whore may beg to differ, it does prosper on a symbiotic relationship with the news it generates, often heedless of journalistic neutrality, preferring instead to focus obsessively on issues communicating its own bias to viewers who sustain it -  clearly pre-empting the outcome. And that does matter! It matters because it is evidence of an abiding, and geostrategically specific, partisanship. Stories from wire services such as Associated Press and Reuters,
whipped up by provocative headlines, self-seeking editors, canny media operators, and overpaid anchor-men (whose primary function it is to feed your prejudice and neuroses without troubling your conscience),  unquestionable add to a widespread undermining of the ‘popular will,’ rejection of due constitutional process, misgivings about political integrity. The circumstantial evidence is compelling. In subversive capability, the media has no equal. 
  All of which leads me to that ‘slick bastard’ (the epithets are various) known as Jon Snow, and “the almost hysterical Channel 4 News”.[1] A relic of the ever-adolescent Marxist 68ers, one has reasonable grounds for believing that Jon Snow is, or may be, an individual who facilitates the commission of one of the world’s fastest growing illegal activities: Terrorism.  The significant consideration being  that Snow, like any  other crusading news anchor, is able brazenly and barefacedly to boost and bump up the dangers inherent in a potentially inflationary 
copy cat situation. Creating the very thing we're seeking to avoid. And never mind the tears trickling down his compassionate Caucasian face. Snow came to Channel 4 with righteousness on his side and an excess of leftist outrage. Unlike his incessantly irritating and gobby crony, “Jon’s Mini-Me,”[2] Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the clown prince of news-desk interrogation,  just 5ft 10in, but as thickly forequartered as a pit bull, who makes it quite plain that he couldn’t care less. The less gifted a bastard, the meaner the method! No master of English prose,  Krishnan is the backup bully, and his modus  not so much an inquiry as an obituary: "Listen pal," he said to me, chomping a packet of crisps, "if you stop talking 
while I'm talking, you'll be ok.”[3] If Jon Snow has no understanding of unbiased reporting, Krishnan has an existential predicament. He doesn't know whether to become another, apoplectic, overfed, invidious, 'syphilitic  parasite’[4] of the social movement termed PC, or stick to the venerable but vulnerable ethnicity that got him his job in the first place. To wit, Channel 4 is a publicly owned commercially funded public service broadcaster with a mandate for nurturing new talent, reflecting cultural diversity and championing alternative points of view.  So they have to keep sustaining each other with lines from their common credo: "Never give Israel an even break!" Even by the base values of the left liberal elite, Snow’s pitch to the Palestinians is remarkably crude. With Israel’s evident culpability of the crime of existing, he reasons, journalistic objectivity and ethical constraint can safely be ignored. Dreyfus is guilty. The case is closed.
Robert Downey, jr.
    Frankly, I don’t recall ever having  come across a more aggressive and depressing approach to newscasting than an anchor who  actively presents himself as the unerotic version of Che Guevara. Besides,  I’m troubled by people who foam at the mouth.  Where Guru-Murthy’s mode of prompting has become the stuff of legend  – ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!’, Snow  is  an aggressive prosecutor with a flair for visceral cross-examination (complete with a specific hissing cadence), who retains all of his ‘undergraduate attitude’. In truth, it is hard to see him as anything other than a political adolescent with a chip on his shoulder. A sort of overpaid secular saint, sweeping down from Primrose Hill - London's upper West side – a selfless mercenary for solidarity with the world’s oppressed. 
...the commitment of national treason!

Snow has presented Channel 4 News for some 28 years, and for him, newscasting is not just an informational process, but an ongoing attempt to build a reputation for promoting absolutely anything that is anti-British. More specifically, Snow is seduced by the very pitch of his  deeply manipulative mind and led into the byways and blind alleys of liberal extremism. Which does explain why so many anchormen lend their names to so many contrarian causes. They're almost a brand. And this again leads  to the further distinction
between people before, within, and after the commitment  of national treason. The story of the Cambridge spies is, of course, well known. Recruited by Soviet intelligence in the mid-1930s, Philby, Maclean, Guy Burgess, Blunt and John Cairncross are the most notorious turncoats in British history, their names bywords for treachery and deception. You may contend at this juncture that I'm too intolerant, and that may well be so. Yet without in the least attempting to claim Philby or Maclean among Snow’s ideological mentors, to say nothing of international socialist mercenaries such as Corbyn, McDonnell and Livingstone, let it be known that I make no distinction at all. To me, the only difference is that if Snow has Philby’s warped mind, he’s got  none of his balls. To me he’s just a hack - the ghost of Lord Haw-Haw favouring  Y-fronts & green socks, shouting “f*** the Tories!” End of story.
"F*** the Tories!"

[1] ©Dominic Lawson
[2] ©Rod Liddle
[3] 22/04/2015 Robert Downey Jr walks out on Krishnan Guru-Murthy.
[4] © Robert Downey Jr.
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