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Bryan Appleyard, in today’s Sunday Times, reports on the terrorism of the
Red Army Faction - led by Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof - in Germany in the

So, correct me if I am wrong, but the four terror attacks on the United
States on September 11, too, were planned in the mosques and al-Qaeda safe
houses of Hamburg. The German Federal Prosecutor investigating the attacks’
planning tells us that at least seven men linked to Bin Laden came together as
students during the early nineties and began plotting the suicide operations in
a back street flat near Hamburg university, including Mohamed Atta, the
ringleader and Marwan al-Shehi, one of the suicide pilots.

Had Germany been encouraging and guiding al-Qaeda's hands?

This may be stretching the truth, but certainly it can be argued that
the military style underground operations of the early seventies bear an uncanny
resemblance to those of 2001.

My deep throat?

Max M******* and I pursued several leads together when I was contributing
director of research at the Washington Library of Congress. For the time being,
I intend to maintain his incognito, but, for all I know, you may not find it
difficult to identify a former assistant head of the White House's Corporate
Fraud Task Force, from whom I learnt that there was a CIA file on 9/11 with
details of how the special relationship between the United States and the
Federal Republic of Germany required that the subject of September 11 be treated
as a “diplomatic incident” rather than one of forensic interest.

What is the this “incident” all about?

Well, according to the information that was passed to me at the time,
it was - in part and without prejudice - about an independent think-tank called
Deutsches Kolleg. I remember a Senate sub-committee commissioning a report from
us - that was some twenty years ago - on the activities of the far-left
Baader-Meinhof gang, the fanatical terrorist group whose hijackings, kidnappings
and executions of West German establishment figures in the Seventies made it
public enemy number one. This extreme left-wing organization wanted nothing less
at the time than the overthrow of the German State, which it regarded as a
puppet regime of the United States. I know better than to make libellous claims
on a public website, but it doesn’t take much to figure out that the nationalist
right-wing Deutsches Kolleg seems to have adopted the same marketing strategy.
Not only did (does?) it appear to be planning the overthrow of the US with its
financial, media and military power but is, even at this moment , adumbrating
the coming of the Fourth Reich.

And before you dismiss this as an epic intelligence fake, take a look
at the shape, texture and dimension of the German political landscape. The story
of how the left-wing lawyer Schily became a hard-line law-and-order interior
minister is fascinating enough; but the former German foreign minister Joschka
Fischer had come an even longer way since his days as a militant activist in
Frankfurt in the late 1960s and early 1070s. The Green Party, which he turned
into a disciplined political force, did their best yet in the 2002 general
election. At the age of fifty-five he topped the list of Germany’s most popular
politicians. There is clear evidence, moreover, of his friendship with
Hans-Joachim Klein, a terrorist who was involved in the 1975 attack on an Opec
summit in Vienna in which three people died. As a federalist and German foreign
minister, Fischer was strongly arguing that Europe could pull its weight only if
united under a single government. He is, of course, no longer in a position to
turn his controversial visions into political reality. But he was the
front-runner to be Europe’s first foreign minister (and it was the French who
backed him for that post). And that meant a blue-print for a European
super-state which would ultimately lead to the complete alienation of Europe
from America.

What did the Franco-Germanic alliance have to do with Deutsches Kolleg,
you’ll probably want to know.

Well, that’s a moot point. Deutsches Kolleg is the nationalist think-tank
run by a very shady character known as Horst Mahler. And there is absolutely no
evidence that his priorities, in the meantime, have become any the less bizarre.
He qualified as a lawyer as far back as 1963, but was actually for a time one of
Germany’s most wanted men. Fact is that he was convicted of conspiracy to commit
aggravated robbery in connection with the establishment of a criminal
organization and participation in the same. The criminal organization was not,
however, a far-right party, but the Baader-Meinhof gang, the fanatical left-wing
terrorist group which was later known as the RAF or Red Army Faction.

Horst Mahler had initially acted as legal counsel for Baader, but then
decided to join the gang, ostensibly for the greater good, but really, as it
turned out, to bankroll their terrorist lifestyle by holding up financial
institutions. That might seem no more than an extreme solution to what appears,
after all, to have been a purely financial problem. But then, you could say the
same about Billy the Kid. The difference is that after Mahler’s release from
prison in 1980, he was able, with the help of another young left-wing lawyer to
resume his legal career. And that lawyer was one Gerhard Schröder, subsequently
to be elected into the office of Germany’s Social Democrat chancellor.

But even without casting a word in anger, certainly, what can be said
without fear of libel is, that Gerhard Schröder appointed Joschka Fischer, a
former member of a militant group called "Revolutionary Struggle" as Foreign
Minister, and Otto Schily as Interior Minister. Otto Schily, I’ll have you know,
was Mahler’s defence counsel at the time of his trial. They were not only close
friends, but political allies. And let no one imagine that I have invented that

Do I have my head trapped in a historical time warp?

On the face of it that may seem a solid point. But from 9/11 onwards
America’s war on terror has essentially followed the ideological initiatives of
Osama Bin Laden. President Bush’s war strategy has not only aggravated that
initiative, but potentially turned it into the most powerful recruitment drive
for terrorism ever. And American “withdrawal” from Europe, on those grounds,
would be likely to prompt a massive redistribution of power in the region. Think
of 9/11 not as a “divide and conquer” approach so much as a “redistribution”
stratagem, giving the German-Franco alliance far more oxygen and almost
certainly provoking the new “Axis-powers“, to wit France and Germany, to
intervene politically if not financially in defence of Europe’s outnumbered
right-wing minorities (- if that were to be the aim!). For another, it would
also mean Germany’s re-emergence as a Teutonic superpower in the region, with a
strong counterweight to America’s presence on the other side of the Atlantic.

Nor will I pretend that my own information is altogether infallible - or
that the 9/11 conspirators have been acting with the tacit acknowledgment or
perhaps even with the actual connivance of the Socialist/Green administration -
but only that it has never been formally denied by the US Government. The key to
the claim that EU expansion is a secret German plot to retake the ‘lost’ lands
of Pomerania and Silesia is, in fact, contained in a statement to that effect by
Chancellor Schröder which is almost certainly apocryphal. Admittedly. But so far
as Mahler and his closest allies are concerned, the aim of Deutsches Kolleg is
quite literally to plan the Fourth Reich. They’ve even drafted a set of
Nuremberg-style laws, apparently, for its imminent foundation, including
paragraphs on the "Jewish Question".

Mahler’s metamorphosis from Marxist extremist to unhinged born-again
Nazi ideologue may have been a paradox, but in the case of Fischer, no amount of
Marxist dialectics can argue away the fact that he beat the crap out of the
police in 1973 at a violent anti-establishment demonstration in Frankfurt. So,
if Horst Mahler was heir presumptive, the Führer designate - and I do not
believe this is the case, I nevertheless do wonder about the effect it was all
having on the CIA - since, indubitably, the common enemy was the United States.
All this may shock many an excellent man, but Mahler, in an essay called
Independence Day Live which he wrote on September 12, 2001, went as far as
celebrating the 9/11 attack on America as the beginning of the end for the
"Judeo-American imperium".

I’m told — and you should be aware of this — that that 1950s jerk McCarthy and I sound
similarly paranoid. Let me assure you that we are similar in only one respect -
once we have the bone between our teeth we will not let go. Nor can I reveal,
for I do not know, what the German foreign minister and US Secretary of State
really said to one another, but a member of Clinton’s former administration also
told me that, counter to the publicly stated position, evidence was being
marshalled by US government prosecutors in New York at that very time, whereby
the above conspiracy would undoubtedly become part of a grand jury investigation
into a plot which I know happens to fit this theory.

Alternatively, feel free to call directory enquiries for Manassas, Virginia
and obtain the number for Academy Group, a forensic science consulting outfit.
The CIA was not the principal investigative agency involved in this. Nor has it ever been referred to in any public record. It has simply never been initiated, and never could be. But it has come to be known as The Übermensch Conspiracy.



Anonymous said...

You continue to throw up surprising posts! Le Carre's latest novel i believe touches on Hamburg and Islamic terror, but i haven't read it yet. Despite le Carre continually stating he has no contact with the various intelligence services, that his books are pure fiction etc., he does seem to have pretty good information from somewhere, at least in his previous novels.

Bob said...

Mahler may have been significant in the past but at present he is making a complete fool of himself. Denying the holocaust, bringing the Hitler-Gruß in public and what not.
Das Deutsche Kolleg cannot be taken seriously either.

Schröder and Mahler have been connected in the past but they have drifted apart. Joschka Fischer was a student protester once but he has come to his sences and was a great foreign minister. I myself have lived together as a student with people whom I would not give the light of day now.

It is an interesting thought provocation what you present here, but there is not a shred of evidence. The US never bothered to deny a connection between the German government and 9/11 because it is a preposterous idea. Suppose it were true and it came out. It would be nothing less then a declaration of war. Why would Germany risk that? It would be a catastrophy.

percy stilton said...
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Selena Dreamy said...
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Selena Dreamy said...
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Selena Dreamy said...

I’ve not had the pleasure of Le Carre’s latest novel as yet, Elberry, but it has been suggested to me that the plot concerned features no detailed evidence as compared to the opinions which are freely expressed by Max M. in his compilation of the entire shenanigans. I wish him well. Nor am I concerned, for the moment, to argue about the incidents which preceded the occurrence of 9/11. I’m concerned about being shut down by MI5...

Bob said...

I feel like the computer in the scifi stories. I have no answer, not enough input data. (Which brings us back to Informationspolitik btw).

There are a lot of ways to jeopardize diplomatic relations. I suppose there are connections between people affiliated with terrorist organizations in Germany and important politicians, but they may have been in the past. That doesn't mean that these politicians are in the know of what these organizations are doing. We can watch how even the slightest link to a person with terrorist ideas are dangerous for a politician by the example of Obama. Bush didn't want to cause his then-friend Schröder any trouble.

Schröder didn't return the favour in the german elections later, when he ruled that Germany would not march into Iraq. That's what pissed Bush of for years to come.

It does make you wonder what exactly is in the report, doesn't it?

Interesting job you had there.

Selena Dreamy said...

In the teeth of a potential lawsuit claiming libel and invasion of privacy I have, at this moment, sent an e-mail to Mahler soliciting a statement!

Anonymous said...

This website will be shut down in 24 hours.

You may save your files.

Die Bundesnachrichtendienst


Selena Dreamy said...

This webside has also been programmed to cause the viewer to self-destruct, precisely ten days and fifteen minutes after having read it!

So sorry!


All Shook Up said...

It all leaves me with a faint feeling of something akin to a nostalgia for times I've never known as a Briton... that is to say the presence of an intellectually valid political movement of the right.

On your broader point.. Well! Who'd have thunk it!!?? It was the Germans!!!

Selena Dreamy said...

I sense incredulity, Bob, my dear boy. But you may remember how Prince Abdul failed in his (2003?) mission to persuade the White House to unseal key sections of a congressional report on September 11, which allegedly detailed Saudi involvement?
etc. etc. ............



Anonymous said...

All very peculiar - are you suggesting that 9/11 was actually carried out by members of the German Green Party? I thought it was the CIA what did it - so they could blame the German Green Party and start world war three - which is what happened you know. I read the Deutsches Kollege pages for a bit - pseudo intellectual NAZI crap if you ask me...and GANZE LANGWEILLIGE !!!

Tschuss bis spater meine schatzie!! said...

well, sorry to be a nuisance, still testing your excellent blog