Friday, 10 October 2008


So finally the Empire strikes back: Convicted in Las Vegas by an all-white jury on twelve counts of robbery, O.J.Simpson now faces 15 years in a jail.

That epic acquittal of double murder in 1995 was as high a high as O.J. could ever have hoped for. It was vintage Simpson - aka the “Juice” - and it worked. The televised procedures had rapidly become a stage upon which an
extraordinary cast of mostly black jurors were addressing Shakespearean themes. In truth, what you were watching was Othello spending thirty days idly tearing up the laws of judicial integrity. O. J. Simpson was poised, composed and self-possessed. A man whose tremendous asset was that of a matinee idol, rakish and perilous with the physique and bearing of an athlete - but in terms of culpability, he might as well have been Jack the Ripper.

Nobody’s suggesting that anyone deliberately perverted the course of justice. But when you add it all up, it was obvious from the start, that the O. J. Simpson trial was an almost exact replication of the Marxist theory of history: a case of “Rise up and cast your judgement!”. It involved the ostensible redemption of the figure of a black man - a potential victim, if not a martyr - who was antithetical to the White Establishment as Spartacus was to
ancient Rome.

The issue was never guilt or innocence, but a conflict between a
dangerous black emotionalism and a reasoned respect for law and the American
constitution. It was haunting; you couldn’t help being intrigued by it. This was
political correctness in its most surreptitious and furtive sense. Played out
against the background of habeas corpus and trial by jury, it was also an
ominous instance of what the American philosopher Henry Adams once conceived of
as history’s tendency to develop along the lines of least resistance!

Do these details matter? Well, they do - and in several

Of course, the mutually belligerent charges of the American
Presidential election are not, indeed, the kind of narrowly crafted indictments
likely to bring a conviction in a court of law. Nor am I a sociologist. But one
of the most intriguing aspects of this presidential race is its demographic
factor. Astonishingly, while half the population growth in the United States is
Hispanic, and only about 10% white, rather less than 50% of the US population is
actually still Caucasian. The figures speak for themselves. Nor would anyone
question the fact that the various light-skinned races seem to be, globally, in
terminal decline. Indeed, one senses that the global balance of power is
beginning to tilt, that the Caucasian Empires are all but spent, and that this
is not about Obama Barack’s bid for presidential power, but about the sensation
of a new experience, the emergence of a global phenomenon: The Spartacus



Anonymous said...

Blimey!! Will I have to learn jive talk and how to rap? I feel I am bit old for it...

Selena Dreamy said...

Which is a shame, because Mutleythedog does not lack skill...

Jonathan said...

Yeah, Im sure Mutley could do a masterful rap. How can he be encouraged..?

Bob said...

In other words it is only a matter of time untill 'someone like Obama' will be president of the USA. If he doesn't win this time, which is starting to look ever more unlikely, it will be in 4 years at the latest.

Let us see how Obama will change himself under the reign of power. Will he be able to keep one or two of his promises?

Selena Dreamy said...

Or, perhaps, let's see how America will behave itself under the reign of his power...

All Shook Up said...

I can't look at him without thinking he's uppity.

Then I ask myself whether it's just he's uppity for a niggra.

Nope. He's definitely uppity.

Specially for a niggra.

OJ, on the other hand, was almost an honorary white - can't get prejudiced over him at all. Must just be an Obama thing, then, cause he is near as dammit white.

Selena Dreamy said...

Yep, well traced psychological chain of causation...