Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Some forms of idiocy are circumstantial, perhaps, but considerable
nevertheless. That the current Labour administration requests the
criminalisation of punters whenever prostitutes are controlled for another man’s
gain, is a stark demonstration of the fact that Jacqui Smith, like Harriet
Harman, is either at the extreme limits of self-deception or totally detached
from reality.

Even more suggestive was the excellent Minette Marrin. Her headline ran
prominently - and with just a hint of irony - in the Comment section of The
Sunday Times
: “Slithery Jacqui Smith wants a back-door ban on prostitution.“


“What she wants is to deal with the “demand side” of prostitution: if
only men didn’t demand sexual services, there wouldn’t need to be any nasty
- which, of course, is rather like putting the cart before the horse
…erm stallion. To wit, if there were no scantily dressed females, enticing
x-rated flics, dirty movies, provocative ads, lascivious lap-dancers, teenagers
prancing in discos, thongs, G-strings and six-inch fuck-me-stilettos, there
would be much less demand. For that the first will be followed by the second I
can, with knowledge of the matter, affirm. Sex is a cultural no less than an
economic phenomenon, and on the evidence available, I favour a less fictitious
reading: that men are as hopelessly trapped as are women, to say nothing of
grinding, lonesome, unforgiving urgency of it.

Whether we like it or not, from the point of view of that trend, our
sex-crazed culture tempts people to do an “evil” action and then prevents them
from doing it. Men, by their cultural conditioning, have a hard-on, if that’s not
too apposite a phrase, for ready lascivious curves and for prostitutes that
accommodate, and the recourse to trafficked women, the spread of venereal
disease, the advent of sexual delinquency in terms of rapes and drug dealers,
traffickers, ponces and heroin addicts are the direct result of legislating
against the most fundamental needs of human nature.

The public happily allows itself to be deceived, but men will kill for
sex! Indeed, when all possible allowances have been made for today’s sexual
offender, with no more moral sense than a beast of prey, the problem is actually
insoluble. On the other hand, it may also be all we deserve. 'There is no evil
between men and women,' it has been said, 'that is not a common evil'. No one,
in short, is blameless, but as someone observed of D.H. Lawrence, he 'was no
doubt right in describing as vampires his women characters; the men, soon to
join them as “undead,” have by some defect of the moral will, made them so.'
Bound together by one predominant quality - the power of the opposite sex - he
is as much her victim as she is his.

As far back as 1358 the Grand Council of Venice declared that
prostitution was 'absolutely indispensable to the world', and the Venetian way
was to control and to provide regulations rather than to censor the ban.
Cultural trappings of the Venetians aside, there was an admirable raft of
reasons why this should be beneficial. And why all of that revenue should today
be lost for a raft of opposite reasons I simply don’t understand.

I feel sorry for Jacqui, and a little guilty. An out-of-shape middle-aged woman with a somewhat glazed expression she couldn’t possibly comprehend what I’ve achieved with my tits’n’ass. I've left the business now. And it may only have been the fourth or fifth time when last I
made a professional visit to the Houses of Parliament, whereas Jacqui does so on
a daily basis. But what has her vagina ever done for the Home Secretary, except
made her feel inadequate: “I wouldn’t walk down a street alone at night.” Poor
Jacqui! Nor does she have to assume the absurd and humiliating pose of bending
over to exercise her sphincter. Inadequacy provides no revelations and no
insights. Indeed, the defence against a fear of inadequacy can sometimes be
daydreams and detachment from reality. But, whether you like it or not, dear Jacqui,
prostitution is an organic necessity, and I believe I’ve ennobled that



Crushed said...

Well said!

Bob said...

I myself have never visited a lady of the profession of course, but I have a friend who has. There is definitely a demand, but as the situation in my former hometown Amsterdam shows, it is not easy to regulate a semi-criminal business like that.

Selena Dreamy said...

Men crave sex, women are desperate to meet Mr Right. Nor does penetrative sex necessarily give a women the best orgasm. In fact, it has been claimed that half the population does not even associate sex with pleasure. One of the main impediments to sex, apparently, is not having enough time. Which is an excellent observation. It has also been claimed that couples have more sex in countries where women don’t have the right to say no.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps!

Still, if given the chance I would stay in bed all day having sex. Let’s face it, it’s the only renewable, inexhaustible source of energy…


sir percy said... certainly beats politics

Jonathan said...

Haven't you got all day on both Saturday and Sunday?

Or are you one of those fashionably (and disreputably)disposed to excessive toil of a weekend?

Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

"Whether we like it or not, from the point of view of that trend, our sex-crazed culture tempts people to do an “evil” action and then prevents them
from doing it."

Nicely put. And indeed true. It is as if someone out there is deperately concerned that we have finely honed powers of self-mastery, and self-control; and is forever concerned to test them to make they are up and running as they should be.

Alternatively, perhaps the imperatives of "Thou shalt desire but thou shalt not have" generates some kind of weird energy that is somehow mysteriously useful to some alien force that rules over us. You know, like in the Matrix.

What other explanations are there for this brazen hypocrisy; wherein we must want and yet not have this which is wanted?

Good sense would dictate that it is most fragmenting and debilitating to want the unobtainable. Hardly conducive to ontological integrity and balance.

I suppose Islam is at least consitent and honest in its prudish choice of female vestment.

Selena Dreamy said...

I suppose Islam is at least consitent and honest in its prudish choice of female vestment.

In which case, Jonathan, rather than criminalise men who pay for sex, Jacqui Smith ought to introduce laws that make the burka compulsory in Britain - which has about the same chance of success!

All Shook Up said...

I'm used to being baffled by your posts, Dreamy, but as someone who thought he'd tried most sexual gymnastics, this one has got me completely beat.... "Nor does she have to assume the absurd and humiliating pose of bending
over to exercise her sphincter."


What have I missed? Is this one of those positions you have to pay a tart £3000 a night for? Sounds ghastly - esp. with Ms Smith.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she meant sit down in order to excersise her sphincter..? At least that is possible and the consequences of failing to so would be a bit smelly! I don't think Jacqui likes men and male sexuality much...

Selena Dreamy said...

ORDER now gentlemen! Order!

- may the Lord preserve your innocence...