Sunday, 29 June 2008


But to what purpose?

To rediscover the vanished city of Atlantis?
To return to the scene of a crime and bury the corpse?
To undergo an overdue gender realignment?
To fulfil her demonic compact with what was a former Faustian pledge?
To ponder why there are so few women at the highest level of science?
To find and formulate The New Theory of Knowledge?
To find a shortcut to the golden sands of Copacabana beach? (ohh yes, please).
To solve the Riddle of the Sphinx?
To slide down into the womb of Gaia, with no objective in mind save for infinity and oblivion?

One wonders...Nobody seems certain of the origin of Miss Dreamy’s acumen or the extent of her abilities, but if the former is rumoured to be mystifying, the latter is totally unambiguous. Give her a fulcrum and she will move the world. Possessed with the gift of second sight, this virtuous, unprepossessing maid will launch herself into the most challenging task imaginable: To prepare a series of scholarly, incisive and wide ranging lectures on moral philosophy, analytical psychology, sexual profligacy and natural philosophy etc., that will effectively terminate the world we’ve come to know and despise, and usher in a newly invigorated Age of Enlightenment ...

For the meantime, I do commend the mating season to your endearingly one-tracked minds and entrust my memory to your ever unfailing indulgence...

Back in ten days, boys, be good!

Dreamy xxx


Dick Madeley said...

Just how I imagined you. The same top, trousers, and large gaping hole in the background.

Have a wonderful break, Selena.

I might still be here when you get back.

Jonathan said...

Yes, hurry back soon. The world of daylight needs you!

Enjoy the rabbits!

Anonymous said...

Love & Kisses to you Sexy Selena - even if we may never meet. I am guessing you are going down the whole with the same purpose that has fired all humanity.... to find out what is there, Am I right?

Anonymous said...

OK -I may be uneducated but I can count to ten.... did you find anything down the rabbit hole?

percy stilton said...

Could you send me a crotch shot to put up on my blog? Exploit what you've got girl ,stop being so shy and showing us just your shoes.