Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Things you always wanted to know and were forbidden to ask...

# Hospital admissions from drinking have doubled in just over a decade to more than 200.000 a year.

# 163 children a week are being seen in hospitable because of alcohol related illnesses or injuries.

# More than 30% of the men in our prisons are from care homes.

# 34% of UK female inmates are Jamaicans convicted of drug smuggling.

# Nearly a quarter of undergraduates failed to complete their degrees or gained lesser qualifications .

# The Central Middlesex hospital in northwest London said that on average its contractor charges £ 210 to install an electric socket.

# Nearly a third of children in Britain now live in poverty, substandard accommodation or “unacceptable conditions."

# Some 37% of North Korean children are chronically malnourished and prone to disease.

# MPs expenses average £ 136,000 per annum, more than twice their salaries.

# MEP's expenses show they and their spouses are entitled to mud baths and a 21 day thermal procedure.

# Citizens of Cuba may now carry mobile phones legally & stay in luxury hotels.

# The average salary of Cuba's citizens is £ 8.70 a month, and hotel rooms cost up to £ 100 a night.

and finally:

# The birth rate shot up in 1942 occupied Paris, even though 2m Frenchmen were locked up in camps.

(courtesy of the public domain)

1 comment:

Dick Madeley said...

Amazing facts. Where do you find them?

The fifth one surprised me. Only a quarter of undergrads fail? They must be giving degrees away somewhere.

The MP salary facts aren't so surprising. I'd be surprised if they weren't fleecing the system.