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The following is the unedited version of an exposé currently featured in the 27th revised edition of Malleus Maleficus The Moonshine Memorandum. If you wish to report racism or inaccuracies, please email  To make a formal complaint under IPSO rules please contact IPSO directly at .  
     “#CalamityWillBefallUS” is but one missive that will come to haunt America; and “11th of September is just a picnic if we compare it to coming strikes,” is making another and rather ominous point. Challenged by a manner of combat they are incapable of meeting on equal terms,the Western powers are living out their Contrat social in an unwinnable endgame of propitiation and appeasement. For years the insurgents have subverted the laws of the land and exploited its democratic functions by conducting a campaign that adeptly combines militant activities with sophisticated social and media strategies. Like a metastasizing cancer their ideological activism has absorbed the power of the state, occupying college campuses and professorial chairs. Not even academia’s teaching elite has been able to break their stranglehold on the institutions of learning. They, too, are part of their number. Which means playacting with controversy via  a barrage of unsavoury opinions, from the militancy over transgender people’s rights, deplatforming, safe spaces and the anti-colonial campaigning of “Rhodes Must Fall”, to Islamists speakers who believe in the subjugation of women, 
Jews and apostates. And by apostates, they mean you. Hatred of the West, of course, is no barrier to an academic career.  Nor is political etiquette a high priority. Far from it: ‘Free speech’  is positively drenched in blood. Scarcely a week passes without running battles in ‘freethinking Berkeley’ showing how frenzied campus politics have become: the fanatical anti-racism, the fixation with Palestine, the feminist self-obsession, the LGBTQ+ T-shirts and “pale stale white men” slogans. As it happens, the likes of US Ivy-Leagues, Oxford, King’s College London, and the LSE,  are full of “pampered tossers”,[1] whose academic ambitions could benefit enormously from "a good thrashing first, followed by great kindness afterwards,"[2] But while you  and I are  subjected to both uncivil and illegal forms of
recrimination, the State seeks only to placate them. Too late has it become clear that there has to be a limit to its tolerance. Or as the Prime Minister of Britain  observed bitterly at the time: “In recent years we have been in danger of sending out a worrying message: that if you don’t want to believe in democracy, that’s fine; that if equality isn’t your bag, don’t worry about it; that if you’re completely intolerant of others, we will still tolerate you.”    
               But fighting back merely confirms the tactical advantage of the slight, irregular forces. Nor are they composed of adversaries who long to live – another inversion of the norm – but rather a kind of satanic visitation that appears to lionize suicide and death. For what distinguishes these pseudo-Islamic half-breeds who have crawled into the chaos left by the collapse of traditional values,is the cold combination of pornographic relish and unyielding hatred that shapes their jihadist
underbelly. The vilest pay-per-view snuff movies; the defiant nihilism of westernised hybrids, the obscene butchery of male captives; the pornocratic enslavement of barely nubile females – all point towards a new kind of adversary - “dominated by their insane notions and sick hatred of the West, where they had grown up.”[3]
            In this scheme of things, then, traditional Islam and the liberal Democracies are  irredeemably conflicting, having  visited upon mankind a miscellany of abominations, among them ISIS, regurgitated and thrown back by the West upon the lands of ancient Islam. Merging all that which is
ISIS - "crossed with domestic pigs"!
most venerable in an early civilization with the debauched energies of a redundant youth, they do not and cannot as ideological hybrids belong to it, and consequently are bound to resort to their own perverted jurisdictions.[4]
            And so the world holds its breath, not for the countdown to nuclear war, which is all about the three to five minute experience, but for the war of all against all.  And I am drawn to these thoughts, some twenty years earlier, not because New York is on fire now but because the final phase of the battle for the West is about to begin. The war to end all wars will not be fought with weapons of mass-destruction. The last war will be polygonal. Which is all about the exchange of an eye for an eye. Let’s face it, in a world which conceives of the perpetuation of unlimited demographic growth inside a closed ecological system and which admits that the number of its occupants is increasing by the amount its space is diminishing, nobody has an exit strategy. We are in a race against time, and
we are steadily losing. The most telling development here, it seems to me, is the growing phenomenon of global terrorism which appears to have shifted the world’s axis of potential discord from a division of the world along national lines to polarities whose boundaries can no longer be determined geographically. A communal conflict in which the world has ended up in a proxy war against itself. Warfare will cease from now on to be applicable in terms of political geography and the diplomatic and military relationship between constitutional nation states. Military supremacy has no deterrent value. Demographic densities make nonsense of diplomatic subtleties. Warfare has become a peacetime reality, ideology a virtual State, and religion the great spiritual disease. And if it was not  immediately apparent what one could expect from an assembly of kleptocrats, dictators and third-world lunatics, in terms of rational thought and moral guidance, it is precisely because everything appears to have been turned upside down that the worst are  called upon to arbitrate upon their betters...

[1] ©Julie Bindel, lesbian feminist.
[2] Charles Napier, the conqueror of Sind.
[3] Javier Espinosa, a Spanish journalists;  one of the few hostages to have succeeded in leaving the clutches of radical English speaking jihadists – or an estimated total of some 50,000 foreign fighters from over 100 countries around the world.
[4] Our current anthropological period has distinct parallels with the zoological phenomenon of wild boar roaming Britain’s woodlands and killing animals, especially sheep and lambs. Having originally escaped from British farms, the naturally vegetarian hogs can now be observed  scavenging on carcasses,  sometimes even attacking  humans and canines. They are not, consequently, genuine wild boar, but “nature’s enemies”, hybrids crossed with domestic pigs.  


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