Thursday, 31 March 2016

GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG - A Warning from History!

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“You will become smaller and smaller, you small people! You will crumble away, you comfortable people! you will perish - through your many small virtues, through your many small omissions, through your many small submissions!" 
Nietzsche, Zarathustra 

    “Let’s be clear about one thing, the beleaguered fortress of Western humanity has fulfilled its Faustian compact. It is now a truly bankrupt civilization. The doom that overwhelms the West involves more than its triple-A rating. It marks the end of US ascendancy in Space, for within its social frontiers former vistas and horizons have been altogether lost. America is a pale shadow of the
nation that once flew magnificent sleek rockets to the moon. And that is a problem with a far less definable solution than mere poverty or economic recession.” His  voice slided into a husky whisper. “Hellenisms is the concept from which the highest ideals of the modern, secular West have sprang. But a new people’s revolution is brewing. The imperialist has recanted. The conquered are giving laws to the conquerors. What you are experiencing is Götterdämmerung, my friend, the twilight of the Gods, nothing less. The last convulsions of Hellenistic agony, of guilt on an apocalyptic scale.”                
             The feeling of guilt, said O’Brien,  was our first real moral vacillation, the leading evidence of the great decline in our will as a civilization to make real hard decisions. The decline of the West  was thus one of the progressive deterioration of its former resolve, a deterioration never willed in the depths of the unconscious, but required under the internationalisation of human rights (paradoxically a bequest of Empire), and the growth of a new mindset consisting of a gradual, furtive and finally fatal submission to  the notion of guilt.  He  looked thoughtful, and for a moment, tentative: “Why does the white man hate his own?” His expression clouded. “A truly apocalyptic hatred that is directed at the past and everything that is not subservient to his own self-denying, if not self-hating, almost willed decline, including the concepts of Empire, Rome and historical pride. It is the ultimate negation, hounding with its odium every form of exclusiveness, every type of elitism, every distinction of individuality, rank or race. And  hating it, he hates himself.”
            There were no surprises here.
            A report by the Pew Research Centre think tank in Washington, I knew well enough, had found Caucasians to be the world’s most retreating demographic type. New census estimates showed for the first time that the majority of babies born in America belonged to non-white ethnic groups, and that the so-called “browning” of America had spread to the remotest rural corners of the land. On present trends in migration, fertility and mortality, minority groups would outnumber non-Hispanic whites by 2044. One in ten Australians had Asian, African or Middle Eastern heritage. Russia’s  population was shrinking by roughly 1 million every year. What remained of the indigenous European communities  had little desire to reproduce itself. A third of German women were not having children and each year 100,000 more Germans died than were born. Meanwhile, the white British population was diminishing by about 100,000 every three years. As Britain has moved from an ethnic-minority population of around 1m (2%)in 1968 to more than 8m (13%) today, mixed race Britons are poised to overtake Indians to become the country’s largest ethnic minority within 25 years. As for Africa, if the facts are correct,  it will account for a staggering 40% of the world’s population by 2100. More than North America with a mere 4.5%. Or indeed Europe’s meagre 5.8%, likely to be inundated by a vast African migration north.

                The benefits? Some would argue that the new diversity shows the strength of multi-culturalism, but I remain to be convinced. We are, after all, not speculating on an event fixed far in the intangible future, but an inevitability. White people are facing species extinction. Nothing less than the impending demise of their entire demography. Or at least its total irrelevance.
            For decades, at every socio-economic level, whites have fled their incoming non-white neighbours, while the “browning” trend is also symptomatic of a  wider ‘ethnic’ reaction to the remnants of Byzantium still embedded  in a Muslim world. In 1991 there were 1.5m Christians in Iraq. Today there may be as few as 100,000. In Syria and Egypt, where there have been churches for some two millennia, Christians are being persecuted or killed and their houses of worship turned into torture chambers. Meanwhile, the jihadists have gone to their task. Christians are shot dead on beaches, held for ransom in deserts, and dying in captivity. And not just dying, they are wiped out. Hunted, shot, decapitated by lone wolves, blown up by suicide squads, beaten to death. Never before, in the name of Islam, has there been such a large-scale
intervention of human malevolence. For what you are witnessing is one of the most highly developed and intellectual cultures of all time gradually being subjected to the subversive power of a dysfunctional theocratic system that defeats all attempts at integration or reform, exemplifying the threat to a Western way of life posed by what is projected as an ideologically insane, degenerate and  invasive extra-European culture.[1]
            “But even if you ignore the mass migration of millions into the heart of Europe,” O’Brien then said, and I could feel myself dying inside,it is a forlorn hope. The sad truth is, Europe is ridden by a death-wish. A far cry from both the enlightenment of Magna Carta and the excesses of the French Revolution, Europe today does no longer distinguish itself for having an inalienable constitutional or moral backbone.  The West has lost faith in itself, in  its past traditions, its judicial, legislative and executive enlightenment and principles of equality. Which is precisely why and how the immigrant lobby as a political client group insinuates itself and its antidemocratic doctrines, invisibly,  into the saving graces of a laissez-faire society. And nothing  parliamentary egalitarianism can do will prevent the intrusion of any Trojan or other horse from critically contaminating it. You are all refugees now!”
     Far from having given leave to Africa and the East, the West, today, was sleepwalking into another dark age, standing, as it did, at the receiving end of the intercontinental Vőlkerwanderung from poor to rich countries that was comparable in scale only to the great resettlements of the classical past.  Nothing would turn the barbarian tide. As the Romans themselves found out, massive citizenship grants became an inescapable cause of their own demise. Roman identity had always been plagued by a sense of her own adulteration, and if the Babel of foreign tongues in her public places, was bound to cause demographic apprehension as well as considerable cosmopolitan pride – “then, Europe today, must assume the same swagger at her peril.
Gentle on my mind....
It’s hard not to sympathise, but what you are experiencing, quite simply, is counter-colonisation.  Your people are about to become a subject race, absorbed into the bloodstream of the world’s manifold rivers, a riven remnant, celebrating the only passion which the highest form of civilization has been left to express: Remorse."
            “Thus the oppressor of the world became the most abject servant of the most infamous slaves,” I said, quoting a Weimar classicist. There was a sense of familiarity about Western  humble pie acts and an abject policy of kowtowing to revisionists. Subjects, I knew, included the shame of third-world exploitation, racial paranoia, the familiar sins of white discrimination, and post-colonial stress-syndromes. The aptitude for detached historical judgment had given way to government apologies, lawsuits and compensation settlements.  I was profoundly taken aback by the thought of it all.  For abject contrition seemed to me to have had the opposite effect. What it denoted in historical terms might well be the rapid fading of a major
anthropological tradition and its veneration for evolutionary fitness. And the facts that underlie that line of reasoning are well transparent. Clearly, the West has lost its nerve. The psychological foundations of Western history have shifted from hubris to humility. A depressing combination of  deference and disingenuousness as  the ultimate linctus for post-colonial guilt. But  I had not the capacity, then, to consider that without reference to the hindsight that I have now. Nor did I disagree with O’Brien. It just occurred to me that there was no future to anything that the descendants of Athens and Rome might be allowed to remember with pride, but that instead we had become the ultimate historical personification of the feeling of shame. 

[1] Its bleak inevitability clearly disappeals to white apologists, who fear that  Caucasians might soon become  the human equivalent of England's endangered white-headed duck. Some ornithologists have called it “gang rape” by the ruddy duck,  an American invader that could arguable said to be the avian correspondent of the browning process.  The blameless  natives of North America hooked up with the local white-headed species, siring hybrids and threatening to wipe it out. But whereas the ruddy duck has meanwhile fallen victim to ecological cleansers intent on purging foreign species from our shores, Britain is no stranger to successful ethnic imports. As Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid, said: “If mating these species produces fertile offspring then nature has accepted the union. The only offence is to a clique of conservation obsessives who fail to understand that nature is in constant flux, making blood purity an absurd and detestable goal.” 
*** Malleus Maleficus is an advocate of English liberal democracy, and the  anonymous author of an historiographic apology of the British Empire.