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No, Meryl Streep, We Are Not “All Africans.”

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Even academia, while declaring its devotion to a diversity that rests squarely on the difference between the sexes, actually wants to ostracise anyone who does not subscribe to its notion of gender ‘equality’ - a progressively dogmatic formulation of  sub-Nietzschean Social Darwinism that pays heavily for some rather wishful thinking about who the female really is. For protecting the vulnerable by positive discrimination is effectively stigmatizing them. The stigma which is  part of the
embarrassment of being a ‘protected minority’. Not perhaps formally, but de facto. Actually, it is worth recalling that when the Conservative government repealed that part of the 1986 Public Order Act which relates to “abusive terms”, the Labour opposition expressed great concern how this might affect various minority groups. And I may never be forgiven, perhaps,  for expressing my own contempt for the idea that prohibiting terminology is the best way to eradicate the indignity of  that which is found in all civilizations under various contemptuous labels, precisely because far from killing it dead, proscription is giving official imprimatur to insult as a weapon of war.[1] Making it palatable and using euphemisms like ‘the n-word’, merely causes the veto to put weight on it. For there is, in fact, no better way to make something unspeakable than never to pronounce it.[2]
"We are all Africans!"
     Thus it may be held responsible for the ill-repute of  ‘niggers’, ‘queers’, ‘dykes’, 'yids', ‘kikes’, ‘pikeys, ‘plebs’, ‘wogs’, Krauts, Meryl StreepShami Chakrabarti, and possibly the banking crisis. Indeed, much as it strikes one as a kind of balm for a wound that will never heal, whether applied to race, creed, colour, illegal immigrants, or sexual orientation, positive discrimination has the implication of a contrived valuation that inevitably infers the opposite. Or in the words of a man who has been shot in the back by the very group he identified with:  “To be honest, the only time I’ve ever felt like a minority is this exact moment.[3] If you really want to encourage diversity you shouldn’t make people feel like a minority.”
Self-esteem, in America, has been replaced by affirmative action. Indeed, leftist academics at Anglo-American universities still clinging to  their affirmative-action stance, have effectively conferred inferior status on women over men as well as on African-Americans over Caucasians. Which means the whole concept of self-evident equality has been pretty
What changed is simple: Self-esteem has been replaced by
Affirmative Action!
much erased from their culture. “We were prepped,” the black physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson observed, “for society’s mismatched expectations of our collective ambitions.” A view dispelled in no small measure by black and ethnic minority (BME) UK undergraduates who are claiming their academic progress is being hampered by the “unconscious prejudice” of older white professors who do not happen to grant a amenable set of academic opt-outs: "How can I have a rapport and feel comfortable talking to a 60-year-old white man? Our experiences of life are so different, and you're coming from completely different places." 
  Oh yeaaa, bro...I'd say with a mind-set like that you’ve really nailed your colours to the mast. The 'race' here is a decoy. It's the scowl on the jilted lover. The point is the "bias"  - far from being unconscious, it is a stubborn tendency to blame the "institutional racism" of white communities for the shortcomings of their own kind - racial, cultural, ethnic or otherwise.  For sheer half-baked, adolescent, agitprop absurdity, it's up there with the People-of-Colour slur. A politically correct term (POC) to appease those Third World denizens who it will unquestionably remind of home. So good luck with that. Once submitted to the public domain, it definitely puts you out there with the likes of Alan Rickman and the Emperor’s new clothes. He claimed that taking the part of the villain Hans Gruber in the 1988 action film Die Hard was due only to its ‘progressive’(sic) treatment of blacks. “Every single black character in that film is positive and highly intelligent,” he said at the Bafta, stating his case with such defiant one-sidedness that what he actually implied was that most blacks are perceived as either useless or dumb.[4] 
      Or is mine just a redneck's prejudice? I am aware that bias is Anglo-Saxon, and that there is also a palpable multicultural bias towards Albion. But for some people blacks only exist to be patronized, and I do not believe that this culturally cringing pro-affirmatism is the answer to anything except to even more of a racist pile of crap. I see the marks of this everywhere
and in all ranks, from #blacklivesmatter activists - an entire industry that depends on the existence of racial grievances, not their elimination - to diversity campaigners and whites who wish to champion blacks for the sheer pleasure of patronizing them. Stranger still are cases of ethnic self-hatred,  like that of  Rachel Dolezal, a white American who changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo and describes herself as ‘trans-black’. Worse than that, the nannying multiculturalists who treat colour like a nappy-rash and refer to your race or ethnicity only in soothing, simulated baby-terms. Indeed, is the black man ever sufficient onto himself? Or has his identity been ghosted for him in a mistaken delicacy and according to criteria that always anticipate a fictitious state of victimhood, designed, to put the matter politely, to prevent perfectly eligible people from getting above themselves. It sounds risible, yes! And it bears the stamp of a foregone conclusion: Affirmative action take precedence over self-esteem!

Don't they understand they're being fucked? 

"In the UK the Black Lives Matter protest movement reports, with great pride
that it now has a black member. His name is Dick!" (Rod Liddle). 

[1] Paul Theroux, in his latest book Deep South, devotes a chapter to the “N” word, concluding that it is now a weapon used as a hostile taunt (Hamish Hamilton, 2015).
[2]Millions of Americans Google “n*****” every year – about as many as search for “migraine” or “economist”! Oliver Thring on – Everybody lies. What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz.
[3] The ‘moment’ he was invited by his employers, the Royal Bank of Scotland, to a meeting to “talk about your experience of being a minority at RBC.”  Quoted in Michael Lewis, Flash Boys. Penguin Books.
[4] Is Hollywood racist? As the Oscar diversity argument continues, it appears to imply that ethnic minority actors could have played most of the  various roles allocated to  Caucasians.  Which only goes to prove that, given the stress of public outrage, it is possible to get a binding judgment that black is white! Or in the words of the actress MerylStreep: “We’re all Africans!”

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