Thursday, 24 January 2008


A SURGE in the number of boys born with genital abnormalities has been discovered by Cambridge scientists, while a new study in Scotland suggests that one in six men now has a low sperm count.

Low on sperm?

Genital defects, of course, particularly when conditioned by chemicals in the environment, are inappropriate grounds upon which to reach a moral conclusion. And certainly this is no more than conjecture, but while some ladettes appear to find the pornification of the post-modern world a cause for wholehearted solicitation, I personally feel that men’s sexual behaviour is actually mutating. That they’re are prey to physical anomalies, mental deviation and libidinous dysfunction.

My various clients may rip off me of my panties, tie me up, pull my hair, whip me, chew my toes, dislocate them; and, only very occasionally, interact with my vagina in the way that nature intended. Nor do I propose to discuss my sex life. But I will say that some of the more incremental anomalies do indeed have qualities which put them beyond a definitive sexual identity. More and more contemporary genders are, even as they go through the complications of puberty, interchangeable and without any definitive function one way or another. From young lesbians whose casual attitude to sex are newly and enthusiastically male, to those males who can find love only in the perfect transsexual setting.

“I am a child of this age, a decadent. But only I know that.”

Today, if the internet is a place where a lot of people dump their most toxic feelings, there are also some 4.2m pornographic websites, 12% of the total web content, according to the anti-porn watchdog Internet Filter Review. It says users make 68m pornographic searches every day, a quarter of all search engine requests. And some 40m adults in America alone admit to being regular patrons of the sites. A recreational measure, you might say, which has morphed into an obsessive collective disorder.

Whether we like it or not, from the point of view of that trend, our permissive society, too, tempts people to do an “evil” action and then punishes them for doing it. Indeed, when all possible allowances have been made for today’s sexual offender, with no more moral sense than a beast of prey, the problem is actually insoluble. He can no more help preying than a beast can. What is worse, the beast cannot help but prey. Nor is he a criminal in the strictest sense. For what would be a crime in law, may not be a crime in nature.

“I wouldn’t walk down a street alone at night.” Jacqui Smith

The relation between violence and libido may not seem at all close enough to make a significant context, but the whole point for me lies in the contiguity of the effect - and that would seem to be the case here - of a fundamentally erotomanic age upon those maddened by sex. The gratuitous sex-and-drug consciousness of the post-modern millennium, the unmitigated exploitation of sex for commercial gain, the use of crime as a means even to predatory pornographic violence, all prove the same point. Sex is at the heart of everything. It has even become a tourist attraction. The great lover has been reduced to the level of an athlete. Though, like most athletic competitions, it requires sacrifice: loveless marriages and a phenomenal rate of family dissolution. And whereas one might suppose that the promiscuity in the physical relations between the sexes was not due so much to anything but moral barriers which have effectively been withdrawn, nothing much is left of the original language of love.

Nor is sex the equivalent of love!

A cold carnal lust and a ruthlessly marauding sensuality are the new points of reference, for a conception of sex which, not just from a conventional point of view but from any point of view, is not by a very long way the type of passion it used to be before Freud released it from the genie’s lamp to perform such functions in close and profligate association with crime.

“Through the windscreen I had a clear view of the abyss but was soon brought up sharp by the realization that it was looking back at me.”
Selena Dreamy

Indeed, never before in the history of the psychology of crime has the common delinquent expressed himself so pathologically and compulsively. Criminals are becoming ever more aggressively criminal. Dead-eyed teenagers, numb and inarticulate, hooded mutants, with no direction or ideals left - rampaging through streets and providing endless entertainment for a seamless web of CCTV. Men boasting of being cut-throats and claiming for mankind that right to absolute moral and intellectual liberty of which we no longer believed them worthy.

In fact, the full significance of this propensity emerges only when we assume that the necessity for violence is, and it certainly has so proved, a fundamentally atavistic compulsion. For if this peculiarly atavistic ‘reversion to type’ of the contemporary delinquent depends upon the psychological necessity or need for sexual violence and aggression, we must not even begin to think that it can be contained within a set of statutes or abandoned as of right.

Still, no inference seems to be drawn or even considered by the incontestable fact that the crime is not that of the individual but of society. That libido frustrated is libido perverted. No verdict, seems to be delivered on a libertine society in which fulfilment not only falls far short of promise but in which every day thousands of delinquents become the victim of situations which must inevitably put them at cross-purposes with the law. The point, moreover, is rarely made, although it is fundamental to the whole sordid business, that the character of society itself is perverted as its freedom becomes absolute. It is true, nothing may be more democratic than the freedom to view sex explicitly, such as the post-modern cyber industry alone can provide. But it cannot possibly be natural, or even pretend to be.

Take it from me, one might as well taunt the Devil.



Neil Forsyth said...

The concept of cause and effect has no meaning in nature because it has no value. But don't worry, we are not even close to achieving absolute freedom - a return to a state of nature - because the majority of us still like moralising too much to give it up. How boring life would be without morality. Most of us couldn't drag ourselves out of bed each day without the possiblity of temptation.

Right, enough of that. You bring the armchair philosopher out in me. What a perversion that is. Am I a deviant?

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that viewing pornography makes unborn childrens genitals mutate? Crikey!!

You know some mutations are beneficial - otherwise evolution would not work - so maybe one of these mutants will have like 2 cocks, or maybe one thats 2 feet long? Thats an interesting possibility isnt it?

I think there are a lot more than 4.2 million porno websites by the way, I have seen more than that myself.

Selena Dreamy said...

Neil: Am I a deviant?

Yes, but only I know that!!

Mutley: Are you suggesting that viewing pornography makes unborn childrens genitals mutate?

Nope! But too much oestrogen does! maybe one of these mutants will have like 2 cocks...

...or possibly a preponderance of female characteristics instead!

Gentlemen, I've tried to give as lucid an account of the subject as I could, but you both missed the point and the clues. I now kick myself for not having been more explicit, and apologise unreservedly. Nor can I promise you enlightenment, but I am prepared to accept without qualification your problem as part of the problem of the human condition itself...


P.S.: And now, for some deviant reason I don’t wish to explore, I rather fancy having a bash at the Mutleythedog Memoradum. Please stay tuned.....

Richard Madeley said...

Morality gets such a mauling these days it’s considered naive to even argue in its favour. Even this sentence will be reduced to: ah, but Richard, you speak of ‘its’ yet which morality are you now foolishly promoting?

I’d say that I’m that morality involves a degree of restriction or self–control. To make an analogy: the opportunity for lustful young men to be satisfied by internet porn shares many similarities with the opportunities for any person to be creative. Technology should enable all to spend our time more profitably, learning to write intelligently or to think logically. Yet we don’t. Technology encourages us to lose structure in our lives and ‘self-control’ over our minds and actions. Even our reading habits have changed from the linear sequence of the book to the endlessly branching way we read the web. In the way that sex has lost its vitality, creativity is debased. Without self-control, we have a plurality of pluralities and, that way, madness lies.

Selena Dreamy said...

Compared with the intimate frivolity of your celebrity logs, Richard, that statement is disturbingly monolithic - but incredibly apt!

Thank you so much!

Jonathan said...

Great post. Very rich in detail. A machine gun battery of content.

Weird indeed that our culture entices towards sex through sex and then restricts sex and punishes us for sex. This is teasing with a vengeance, no?

'Men boasting of being cut-throats and claiming for mankind that right to absolute moral and intellectual liberty of which we no longer believed them worthy.'

Those who originally sought intellectual and moral freedom of conscience wanted merely to oppose an enforced regimen, with their own personalised moral vision. They didnt want to discard morality and behavioural discrimination in-itself.

They felt they deserved a greater freedom, in the light of a higher value that could justify the removal of existing restraints. Not as it is with moral nihilists who believe that valuelessness is the quintessence of freedom in-itself.

It is childishness in them, mere childishness I believe. Adolescent rage masking despair. What they really crave is a return of a confident authority they can admire, something to save them from themselves.