Thursday, 28 February 2008


Jonathan: Yeah the war between the sexes is certainly real, and its certainly sad.

And I, for one, Jonathan, should like to be able to add the conciliatory note that my take on the female revolution was not actively anti-feminist. That it was an addition to global female well-being which I massively welcomed. But I would be lying. My own spirit is profoundly anti-feminist. I know, I know. It is not PC. Some might call me sexist. But, after years of bleak and arid minimalism, I absolutely adore diaphanous knickers, claw-footed baths and squishy beds, and am definitely going to oppose it very determinedly.

Mutley: Well I am up for a shag anytime Selena - if that is what you were getting at....

Shush... Mutley - but what about female authors?

Are female authors better than male authors? Are they different? Aristotle, be it noted, held that women were incapable of full rational thought. Cross my heart, I take this information straight from The Sunday Times. Alfred Kinsey, Harvard educated zoology professor, even believed that women were less sexually responsive than men.

Imagine that!

And this from a man whose primary qualification was the study of bees and

Fact is, of course, that promiscuity tends to authenticate men’s gender whilst it disparages the female’s. Nor can I see any grounds for either hope or optimism in the controversy surrounding remarks once made by Lawrence Summers, president of Harvard University, about whether women were quite as suited as men to such a multi-disciplinary subject as science (and I am not about to diminish the affability of my entire post by claiming they are not).

His talk about issues of “intrinsic aptitude” and “variability” based on gender, apparently, made toes curl among Harvard’s radical leftists, feminists and student stalwarts of the form. And I, for one, am now compelled to speculate whether common sense has ever existed or, indeed, can ever prevail.

Sex and the City was an experience I’d rather forget, but it was nothing, if it was not a piece of maximum male fantasy. In creating the mistaken belief that women in pursuit of the perfect orgasm were in full control of their own sexuality, the joke, in point of fact, was on the women who fell for it. Far from believing that they were singularly independent, it seems to me, that they were moved profoundly and unmistakably by the implacable example of men.

Everything they did evolved around men!

Feminists kill me. They really do.

Bryan Appleyard: As it happens, I'm pro- (feminist).

Of course, of course, Bryan. Indeed, isn’t there a suspicion somewhere that women can’t tell left from right? Nobody at Harvard could inform me, but I took the problem to my dear friend Alice. “Right is where the thumb is left,” she said, “and left is where the thumb is right.”


“Well having done more than my fair share of test driving," Richard Havers said, “ at one point in my life I'm firmly of the view that it's about even on the who has the superiority debate.”

“So why aren’t there any female drivers in Formula One?” I also demanded to know.
“Don’t be silly, Sweetie,” said Alice, “women have better things to do.”

Precisely. And now for the matter of erectile dysfunction...

Ooooops....methinks I’m out of space!



Jonathan said...

Do speak further on your anti-feminist feminism..and in the name of Gaia, fear not the PC dragons.

Wasn't evading the PC thought police what the blogosphere was invented for? Well, partly at least.

Weird how feminism has encouraged women to emulate and ape masculinity...ironic indeed. I'd say it was a backhanded compliment to men if I didnt sense that too many feminsist are ball breaking misandrists.

The big test I suppose would be whether women would have wanted more to remain 'feminine' and all that that construct suggests if, historically, men had just been kinder to women (in closer loyalty to the idealised gentlemanly template) and degenerated less into oppressive, demeaning cads.

How much is feminism a plea for power parity and freedom for women on the male terms that define the power structures (a great deal); how much an unapologetic defence and assertion of the dignity of the feminine as something distinct from the masculine (not much).

Jonathan said...

Im not sure I should have referred to the 'feminine' as a 'construct'. No doubt in a sense it is sociologically created to an extent, but surely not only. Anyway thats a distraction i think.

Promiscuity gratifies the male ego regarding the sense of conquest; and it also serves I suspect in a way to secure the male from his fear of being controlled and dominated by a woman, perhaps (the 'under the thumb' destiny of so many?). But I dont think it brings men emotional fulfillment or rest.

But then men dont have emotions do they (just as they dont cry)...or at least are not readily 'allowed' to show them (by the martial subtext of male cultural discourse), presuming they're in touch with them.

Selena Dreamy said...

I'd say it was a backhanded compliment to men if I didnt sense that too many feminsist are ball breaking misandrists..

It would be hard to disagree with that, nor with the tragic pathology of the feminist delusion, which renders some women incapable of recognizing differences when they encounter them, or indeed, acknowledge the great debt that male and female owe to one another...

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I'm seriously not trying to be funny but what exactly is erectile dysfunction? You mean it won't go up? What's the opposite problem called? You know - when the innocent you see Selena's feet, for example, it stands to attention? Is that just randy?

Anonymous said...

I read and understood all that and I 'stand' by my original invitation....